Why are Pontiac G6 so Cheap? 6 Reasons for the Low-Price

The newly produced Pontiac G6 models would cost around $18000 to $23000. On the other hand, you can find a used Pontiac G6 car within the range of around $5000 to $10000. In comparison to other car brands in the world, Pontiac G6 is a lot cheaper. But why are Pontiac G6 so cheap?

The Pontiac G6 is cheap because it has a gas engine, basic materials, and surplus production. Discontinued models and competitive marketing also lower prices. Used G6s are affordable due to availability.

I have sorted out and briefly discussed all the actual and probable things from authentic points of view which make Pontiac G6 so cheap. The following analysis will inform the combination of reliability and low price. Therefore, your perception will get clearer. 

Why are Pontiac G6 so Cheap?

There are some facts and causes which keep the prices of different Pontiac G6 models comparatively very cheap. Let’s have a brief overview of those reasons:

Why are Pontiac G6 so cheap

1. Engine type

One of the main reasons behind the cheapness of the Pontiac G6 is its gas engine. Generally, the diesel-based engine is structured heavily and requires more addition to the total price. The gas engine is comparatively cheap so it helps keep the price of the Pontiac G6 low. The modest size of the engine also affects the price.

2. Size, space, and structural materials

Pontiac G6 has medium size with modest space. The manufacturer tried to structure this car with materials of modest quality but not expensive. There are installments of some basic technologies. Overall, the Pontiac G6 is meant to be comfortable and affordable not luxurious. 

3. The deficiency between supply and demand

General Motors produced a big number of cars of different models for specific years. But the rates of sales and demand of Pontiac G6 could not match the number of production. Because of this deficiency between large production and fewer demands the manufacturer set a cheaper rate for this brand to increase the sell.

4. Discontinuation of Pontiac G6 models

From 2005 to 2010, General Motors produced modified editions one after another. They discontinued the older edition and moved to a newer one. Therefore, the market value of each discontinued version decreased and they are finally sold at a cheaper price. 

5. Marketing policy for increasing competency

Pontiac G6 came to the market where it has to compete with renowned brands. So, the brand wanted to increase the demand for this car by inexpensively providing greater benefits. Moreover, they wanted to retain in the market alongside other brands. So, the cheap price is the part of marketing policy.

6. Low retail price for used Pontiac G6

Being discontinued years ago, the new Pontiac G6 is not much available to get. Therefore, used models of Pontiac G6 are sold and bought nowadays. As those cars are sold as polished, repaired, but used, the price is surprisingly low. So, you can easily own such a used Pontiac G6 having a good condition.

Is the Pontiac G6 a Reliable Car?

Pontiac G6 cars have different attractive features and some drawbacks. Some basic facts can give authentication to the level of reliability of a Pontiac G6. The G6 owners reviewed the Pontiac G6 with rating of 3.9 overall out of 5 for model years from 2005 to 2010.

Here are the things you should focus on:

The fuel capacity and power of engines

The reliable car has to have a modest fuel capacity to ensure hassle-free and comfortable driving. The average fuel capacity of 16 gallons is quite reasonable. Besides, the engine power of the Pontiac G6 reaches around 240 horsepower is a reliable feature.

The average maintenance cost

The pressure of extra maintenance costs decreases the reliability of a car. Different models of Pontiac G6 have an average yearly maintenance cost of around $450 which is comparatively modest.

Mileage coverage

Miles per gallon and lifetime mileage is an important matters of concern. Better mileage means the longevity of the service. Pontiac G6 models especially the years 2007 to 2010 have better mileage coverage.

Transmission benefits

Multiple and simple speed transmission system help to have control over the car and thus make it reliable. Pontiac G6 cars come with automatic and manual transmission systems which keep the gear within the management of the drivers.

Safety features

The most significant fact to judge the reliability of the Pontiac G6 is its safety features. These are:

  • The anti-lock facility is one of the main safety features of Pontiac G6. This technology helps to move the wheels and take the car to a safe position even after a hard brake.
  • Pontiac G6 cars come with safety airbags at the front, side, and overhead.  These airbags are featured with the auto sensor system and help prevent injuries.
  • A keyhole security system prevents the car to start if it can sense the intrusion of any duplicate key instead of the original one.
  • The auto-detecting seatbelt increases safety as it automatically tightens at the time of sensing any hint of a problem, accident, or crash.

Safety ratings

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the Pontiac G6 relatively well for ensuring safety. NHTSA marked later models of this brand to have better ratings against crashes. Especially the editions from 2007-2009 are rated well for more reliability.

How long can a Pontiac G6 last?

Pontiac G6 has models from 2005-2010 and they are expected to have an average MPG of 18-30 and ultimately reach the highest mileage of 270000-280000 miles. To last a Pontiac G6 to the highest capacity of 10-15 years, proper maintenance and repair are important.


A car is an expensive thing to buy and many well-known brands of cars come with a heavy cost. But things are different in terms of Pontiac G6 which is comparatively so cheap. In the article “Why are Pontiac G6 so cheap?” I have evaluated the in-depth answer of this common quarry.

We have a common perception that good quality requires a high price. Therefore, many consumers have confusion and queries about the quality of the Pontiac G6 as it has a cheaper price tag. So, I have put together the most valid reasons for such a low price. Hence, this is very fair to say that Pontiac G6 is a good car at an affordable price.


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