Most of us are not mechanics, but every one of us has a car. As a car owner, you can’t think of a single day without it, at least we feel so. When any parts of our car get damaged, we take it to our local car repair shop to fix the problem. Indeed, we take care of our fav car the way we bring up our child. And the Next Wheeler is here to empower car owners or enthusiasts to take charge of their car health & auto issues with confidence.

Alex Clark – The Author of Next Wheeler

I’m the owner and founder of Also a blogger by profession and an automotive enthusiast by heart.

I grew up in a Cars-oriented family and I finished a year course to become a car mechanic; here, I properly learned the basics of all-around car maintenance and repair.

Founded in 2021, Next Wheeler has set its goal and mindset to provide authoritative and trustworthy advice on the car to every average car owner.

Who We Are

We have a small team of four people and every one of us loves our vehicle more than anything. We believe how much we love our car will also make you love your everyday driving friend.

Most of our members are involved in the car or automotive industry from a young age. It helps us to grow our love for our vehicles and makes us passionate. Together with, we enrich our knowledge and try to learn every ins and outs of a car. Indeed, we make this website a reliable place for people like you who want to take care of their cars.

Our ultimate goal is to educate the average car owner so that they have basic knowledge about a vehicle, how it functions, and how to fix common problems.

What We Do

The ultimate goal of us is to make you a specialist in every facet of your vehicle ownership. To help you out, our expert team covers everything about the car, how to buy it, how to repair it, when you should change a part, or what automotive accessories you should get. Also, we provide tips on who you should trust to do the car maintenance workflow for you if you can’t manage yourself to do it.

Indeed, our in-depth articles include everything you need to know. If you don’t find anything indispensable to learn, let us know. We love to write on that topic that is important to you.

Keep in Touch

We are tall enough and drive our car at full speed so that you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Follow us on these channels to get the latest updates.