Best Year for Infiniti QX60: You Need to Know Before Buy

INFINITI QX60 is a luxury brand of crossover SUVs. The model years of this brand started in 2013 and are still in production through numerous upgrades and modifications. All the years do not have the same performance history. There are both best and worst years for QX60. So, what is the best year for Infiniti QX60?

2016 Infiniti QX60 and from 2018 onwards, this brand has been providing the best qualities. Especially, the combinations of better lifespan, great engines, safety benefits, maintenance, and user reviews include 2016, and 2018-2020 years in the list of the best year for QX60.

Alongside, the new models of Infiniti QX60, the used years are also popular for greater affordability. The used editions of 2018 and 2019 are ideal choices for high reliability and efficiency. This article will lead you to an informative analysis.

Best year for INFINITI QX60:

For being comparatively better in performance and quality, 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 are the best years for Infiniti QX60. There are multiple quality features and facts.

Reasons for Being Best of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Infiniti Qx60:

Best Year for Infiniti QX60

Higher Lifespan:

Compared to the other used models of Infiniti QX60 the years 2016 & 2018-2020 are the best options for the highest lifespan. Having a renovated structure from the 2016 edition, these three models can reach around 260000 miles and more.

Powerful engine and fuel capacity:

All four best models come with a 3.5 L V6 engine that can generate high horsepower. Especially, the modified engine 3.5 L VQ35DD V6 in the 2018-2020 editions has more stability and a standard fuel tank.

Less problematic:

Apart from different editions of Infiniti QX60 especially the older models, these three particular versions have come with better changes and modifications. They are found to be less problematic.

Safety features:

There are different kinds of options to ensure safety and security in the model years 2016, 2018-2020. Blind spot warning accident avoidance system ( available in 2019 and 2020 editions), pre-collision, post-collision safety system, dual front side-mounted airbags, Front, rear, and third-row head airbags, and passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation are most preferred.

There are also some additional safety features like dusk sensing headlamps, front fog, driving lights, turn signal mirrors, front and rear headrests, a 3-point belt, remote anti-theft alarm system, engine immobilizer, etc.

Features for comfort and ease:

Multiple features enhance the better driving experience. Keyless ignition tilt, cruise controls on steering, electric power steering, rearview camera, cruise control, front & rear door pockets, and an overhead console with storage are standard features to increase comfort.

Front seatback storage, manual rear seat, easy entry, leather steering wheel, heated steering wheel, three-zone climate control, rear ventilation ducts with fan control, interior air filtration, dual illuminating vanity mirrors, and electro-chromatic inside rearview are attractive additions.

SUV Competency:

There is a common quarry, “Is Infiniti QX60 a good SUV?” The answer is that the model years from 2016 to 2020 have the shape, materials, and performance to call it a good sport utility vehicle.

Customers’ reviews:

2016 and 2018-2020 Infiniti QX60 model years have been marked highly for customer satisfaction. The models from 2018-2020 have received around 4.6-4.8 stars for their performance.

Best Year for Used INFINITI QX60:

If you want to buy a used car from this brand, 2018 and 2019 can be perfect from different points of view. The following things are attractive:

2018 and 2019 Used Infiniti Qx60 – Why They Are Best?


Greater features at a reasonable price:

The used 2018 and 2019 have almost all the standard features of the best INFINITI QX60 series but comparatively at a cheap rate. A used 2019 Infinity Q×60 may cost you around $16k-$37k and a used 2018 QX60 costs about $19000-$40000.


The years 2018 and 2019 Infiniti QX60 are a part of the advanced and later editions. Therefore, their rest of life expectancy is more than the older used cars of this brand. These two models are still expected to last 12 to 16 years from now on.

Fewer repair issues:

After 2016, the structural value of most of the models increased a lot. The parts of these two particular versions have more durability and better quality to last longer.

Comparatively less maintenance cost:

The higher hybrid models are found to require more maintenance expenditure. Hence, you can deal with the comparatively low maintenance of around $7k-$8k in ten years of use

Fewer recalls or problematic issues:

Infiniti QX60 of the years 2018 and 2019 have just 1 and 2 recalls which increases the productive value of these used models.

Latest technologies and updated software:

If you are looking for a used Infiniti QX60 with the latest technologies and software but at a lower price, these two model years are suitable options.

Standard safety and security:

These used models are installed with all the standard safety features of updated models and the crash safety rating by NHTSA is also high. These features increase reliability.

Are Infiniti QX60 Reliable Cars?

Though the model years from 2013 to 2015 and the year 2017 for Infiniti QX60 have standard features, they also lack proper functionality. Therefore, those years have less reliability. But, all other models till the latest years of this brand have 80%-90% reliability. For measuring the reliability, these are the things to observe:

Life expectancy: With proper maintenance and timely replacements, an Infiniti QX6O is supposed to provide simultaneous service up to 300000 miles. The average life expectancy of the editions from 2016 and onwards are much higher.

Fuel efficiency: These cars have a standard average of 22 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on different roads with better MPG on highways. Generally, 4.5 gallons of fuel can take you to around 100 miles.

Maintenance: The average yearly maintenance cost of Infiniti QX60 is around $630. The average maintenance and repair requirement cost around $6000 to $10000 for the first 10 years.

Safety ratings: NHTSA has rated the models of INFINITI QX60 with a 5-star for the front passenger and overall side pole. The overall average rating including rollovers and the front driver side is around 4.5 stars.

Consumer reviews: The users experienced some problems and there are various recalls in the years 2013-2015 and 2017 but 2016 and later editions have received better appreciation for structural value, fuel efficiency, and interior-exterior features. Around 4.3-4.5 stars have been given by random users.


  • Some users of earlier editions found a malfunction in the Occupant Classification System that sometimes fails to detect an adult on the seat. The lack of detection may stop the frontal airbags to activate timely.
  • The users of 2013 and 2014 INFINITI QX60 reported the extended level of stopping distance by the anti-lock brake software.
  • The Hybrid Power Train Control software of the Hybrid models of Infiniti Qx60 2014-2017 stops the engine unanimously. This may lead to losing the driving power and create the risk of a crash.
  • The anti-lock brake system of some models is reported to have a pump that may cause the leakage of fluid on the circuit board. This increases the risk of fire on the short circuit.
  • The lack of adjustment between the backup camera and display system creates impediments over the rear view image.
  • 2014 Infiniti QX60 users reported the loose fitting of the lug nut in the right side wheels.
  • Improper torque of the fasteners of the front wheel hub may cause the separation of the service brake and harm the steering control.
  • The primary and secondary hood latches of some models are found to operate improperly and the hood may open unanimously creating driving discomfort.


How Many Miles Can You Expect from an INFINITI QX60?

INFINITI QX60 is ideally structured for long-lasting service. Therefore, an Infiniti QX60 car with proper maintenance and timely replacement of different parts is expected to reach 250000 to 300000 miles. It is also expected to cover around 15000 miles a year and last up to 15 to 20 years on average.


Infiniti QX60 has already created a distinctive brand value. The individual years of its models have combinations of similarities and differences. The article “Best year for Infiniti QX60” has analyzed the in-depth points to help you know and select the best years for this brand.

Considering the facilities, ratings, and overall reliability, the new and used models of 2016, and 2018-2020 Infiniti Qx60 are highly productive. All these successful editions have increased the average standard of this brand. Comparing the price with the quality, INFINITI QX60 is a good car to buy.

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