Are Infiniti Qx60 Expensive to Repair? Parts & Labour Cost

Whenever we talk about a car, we deal with a big investment, repair issues, maintenance costs, depreciation, etc. Different automotive problems are related to various parts which require a distinctive cost. Infiniti QX60 has different models and there have been found some defects in parts that need repair. So, is Infiniti Qx60 expensive to fix?

The repair cost of this brand can be analyzed based on the average rates and the individual rates. Some small repairs require minimum cost but the repairs like major replacement of the engine or the repairs of expensive parts will take a big investment.

Alongside the repairs, maintenance of the functional structures of an Infiniti is also equally important. The combination of repair and scheduled maintenance uplifts the quality, ensures solutions to the problems, and holds value.

Are Infiniti Qx60 expensive to repair?

Are Infiniti Qx60 expensive to repair

The average cost to repair an Infiniti QX60 ranges from $350-$600. The parts-wise expenditure can start from $140 and reach up to $1500 depending on the level of the problem. Usually, the replacement of a whole part causes high costs.

The total probable repair costs within the 5 years of ownership of a car of this brand can be from $1800-$2500 according to the models of individual years.

Infiniti QX60 repair costs: The repair costs are disintegrated into multiple sections. There are some major repairs alongside minor issues. The major repairs usually cost around $500 and more. Here is a list of different repair costs:

Name of repair/replacement partsApproximate Costs For PartsInfiniti service charge  (labor)
CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement$127$95
Brake Caliper Replacement$121$171
Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement$208$133
Brake Shoe Replacement (Rear)$73$95
Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement$108$95
Engine or Transmission Mount Replacement$681$513
Exterior Car Door Handle Replacement$155$95
Strut Assembly Replacement$496$114
Wheel Bearings Replacement$165$104
Fuel Pump Replacement$445$133
Ball Joint Replacement (Front)$246$95
Car Door Mirror Replacement$1292$95
Oil Pan Gasket Replacement$47$166
Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement$43$95
Car Thermostat Replacement$85$104
Turn Signal Switch Replacement$279$95
Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement$334$124
Brake System Flush$18$95
Headlight Bulb Replacement$56$95
Oil Pan Replacement$93$166
Steering Rack/Gearbox Replacement$464$142
Window Motor Regulator Replacement$376$95
Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid Replacement$73$114
Control Arm Assembly Replacement$64$114
Differential/Gear Oil Replacement$37$95

Is Infiniti Qx60 expensive to maintain?

The maintenance cost varies from one year to another. Different models of this brand have the standard expenditure Infiniti policy for overall maintaining of performance. So, are Infinitis expensive to maintain?

On average the Infiniti QX60 maintenance cost is approximately $640 for the yearly process. Generally, a car of this brand costs around $10500-$11000 as the maintenance cost for the first 10 years. There are different sections and processes for the maintenance of this brand. Such as:

Regular tune-up: Scheduled tune-up is very beneficial for a car and also a part of maintenance. The average Infiniti QX60 tune-up cost is expected to be around $500. Such a tune-up includes scheduled check-ups and different replacements after covering specific mileage.

Average fuelling cost: Fuelling cost is one of the major additions to the total maintenance cost of an Infiniti QX60. According to the recent cost of regular fuel, it will take around $2200 annually and $3200 annually for premium gasoline with an average MPG of 21-26. The cost can vary over time.

Insurance: For facing the risk of any probable crisis, insurance is an important policy to be taken for an Infiniti QX60. Such insurance will cost you yearly around $1900. After owning the car for 5 years, the total insurance installment may remain around $9500. This adds to the total maintenance cost.

A combinational list of average miles and maintenance requirements with the approximate expenditure:

Average mileage to reachServices to be takenApproximate average cost
After reaching every 10,000 milesMaintenance service should be sought for visual inspection of brakes, tire rotation, belts & hoses, oil, and filter change.Around $180-$220
After reaching every 20,000 milesMaintenance service should be sought for potential brake pad replacement; visual inspection of belts, hoses, and brakes; inspection for any fluid leaks.Around $330-$400
After reaching every 30,000 milesMaintenance service should be sought for Fluid replacements including engine coolant, differential fluid, and transmission fluid); replace spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter; potential brake pad and tire replacements; visual safety check.Around $550-$630
After reaching every 50,000 milesMaintenance service should be sought for the replacement of the engine filter; inspection for oil leaks; oil and filter change, tire rotation; inspection of suspension bushings, motor mounts, and drive belts and hoses for wear and tear.Around $195-$225

What problems does Infiniti QX60 have?

Different models of this brand have year-wise common and individual problems which need proper repair or replacement. The problems and some of the repair costs are discussed below:

The functional problem in the airbags: The models from 2013 to 2016 have been found to have improper and untimely ignition of passenger airbag lights. This reduces the chance of proper work by the airbag sensor.

The structural weakness of the sunroof: The sunroof of different cars from 2013-2017 years has a lack of durability. They seem to get fractured after a certain early time without any hit or collision. The replacement of this part may cost around $800-$1100.

Fluid leakage due to ABS: The Anti-lock brake system increases safety standards but in several cars of the QX60 model years 2017 to 2019, this system leaks fluid to the electrical circuit board. This can make this part vulnerable to fire. The repair of the seal may take around $30-$40 but the pump will cost around $500-$600.

Fault in the back camera: There is a blind spot in the display section of the back rear view camera of the model years 2018 and 2019. This creates impediments to proper visual display. The company will repair this free of cost under the Infiniti repair cost policy.

Problematic transmission system: Some users of different models from 2014-2017 have traced problematic issues with the transmission section. The impact shows through low cruising speed, vibrated crossover, and increased shutter acceleration. The replacement of this part may cost up to $1500.

Faulty hybrid propulsion system: Hybrid Powertrain Control Module (HPCM) software of 2014 to 2016 Infiniti QX60 has shown improper function which leads to losing control over rocky and uneven ways.

Sensor problem of the collision-avoiding system: The forward collision-avoiding system of the 2019 edition has faults in the sensor system. The option may activate unanimously and lead to a lack of control on the brake.

Do Infiniti Qx60 hold their value?

This brand is one of the best in the world to hold a better resale value. The depreciation of the value is unavoidable. But all the model years do not have the same rates of depreciation. The average depreciated value of an Infiniti QX60 after 5 years is around $22000 which is approximately 35%-37% of the main value.

The probability of depreciation can be decreased in certain ways. These are:

  • Avoiding the worst years: The years with the worst performance rates, poor consumer reviews, and less attractive features lose their value highly. Therefore, you should avoid the years like 2014 and 2015.
  • Choosing from the best years: The best Infiniti QX60 models have the least rate of depreciation. The years like 2016, 2018 to 2020, and onwards are highly rated for their qualities. So, they have greater possibilities to hold the resale value.
  • Carrying on scheduled maintenance: Scheduled maintenance will keep your car free from major problems. This will maintain the performance level and increase the resale value. A record of regular maintenance helps ensure longevity.


If you want to make your Infiniti QX60 a productive purchase, repair and maintenance costs are important facts to be noticed. Therefore, in the article “Are Infiniti Qx60 expensive to repair?” I have evaluated different parts which may require repair or replacement at approximate rates.

This analysis has also added information about timely maintenance and the facts related to holding the value of a car of this brand. The combined data has been sorted out through in-depth research to facilitate a better experience with your car. So, make the best out of your decision through us.


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