How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Last – Problem & Solution Explained

The Infiniti qx60 is a luxurious SUV crossover featuring amazing specs and upgraded technology. However, before buying this SUV, the first question that comes to a consumer’s mind is, how long do Infiniti qx60 last?

The life expectancy of Infiniti qx60 is 12 years or 250k – 300k miles. This range will surely increase when proper maintenance is done.

This SUV is spacious, reliable, and safe to drive in different road conditions. This comprehensive guide will look into different aspects of Infiniti qx60. Let’s continue scrolling down.

How Long do Infiniti qx60 Last?

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Last

Infiniti qx60 is quite different from other SUVs. Although it is an SUV crossover, this vehicle’s features will give you the impression that it is better than other crossovers.

Generally, all SUVs have 8-10 years and 150k – 200k. The good news is Infiniti qx60 is a reliable and durable car, giving 15 – 20 years or 250,000 – 300,000 miles with the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance.

It comes with an extremely powerful engine, ensuring smooth drive and offering safe drive. This car is one of the safest and most reliable family cars, offering a great sense of protection when driving with your family and friends.

How Many Miles do Infiniti qx60 Last?

Being a luxurious and premium quality SUV, we expect long-term service from Infiniti qx60. Happily, this vehicle meets the expected life expectancy, but the condition is that you have to ensure periodic maintenance.

Design and quality parts play a vital role in terms of the longevity of a vehicle. Infiniti qx60 is made of premium quality materials and has a stylish design to get the best performance.

You will get reliable performance from an Infiniti qx60 between 250,000 – 300,000 miles.

We recommend you to follow the below points to get smooth running,

  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule
  • Check fluid levels and tire pressures periodically
  • Avoid rough driving habits to minimize the damage to components

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Infiniti qx60 Life Expectancy Compare to Similar Car Models

Comparing similar cars is good; thus, making a precise buying decision becomes easier. In this section, we will compare the Infiniti qx60 and similar car models.

INFINITI QX60 vs Toyota Highlander

FactorInfiniti qx60Toyota Highlander
Engine3.5L V6 Gas3.5L V6 Gas
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons17.9 gallons
Fuel EconomyCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPGCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPG
Seater Capacity78
Curb Weight4,393 lbs.4,145 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity3,500 lbs.5000 lbs.

The Toyota Highlander was introduced in the USA market in 2001. It is a reliable and robust SUV that delivers the same performance as the Infiniti qx60. However, the price of the Infiniti qx60 is higher than Toyota Highlander.

If you are looking for an SUV with larger cargo space and a spacious cabin, the Toyota Highlander will be ideal.

INFINITI QX60 vs Nissan Pathfinder

FactorInfiniti qx60Nissan Pathfinder
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons18.5 gallons
Fuel EconomyCity: 20 mpg Hwy: 25 mpgCity: 21 mpg Hwy: 26 mpg
Ground Clearance6.7”7.1”
Curb Weight4655 lbs.4470 lbs.
Engine TypePremium Unleaded V-6Regular Unleaded V-6
Wheel MaterialAluminumAluminum

The Nissan Pathfinder is a tough rival of the Infiniti qx60 with outstanding features.

Chiseled front end and crisply accented fenders give it a more robust look than the Infiniti qx60.

Also, pathfinder is a high seating capacity to let you enjoy your rides with family and friends. Lower fuel cost and simpler controls make it a high-end car.

Infiniti qx60 vs Acura MDX

FactorInfiniti qx60Acura MDX
Engine3.5L V63.5L V6
DrivetrainIntelligent all-wheel driveSuper handling all-wheel drive
Fuel Economy (City & Hwy combined)2223
Horsepower295 @ 6,400290 @ 6,200
Torque270 @ 4,800267 @ 4,700
Maximum Trailering Capacity5,000 lbs.3,500 lbs.

Both Infiniti qx60 and Acura MDX are the most amazing makeovers of 2022. It is equipped with convenient features and good standard safety. Standard adaptive cruise control, wireless smartphone connectivity, a panoramic sunroof, and an excellent ELS audio system give the passengers and riders a convenient ride.

Even the Acura MDX base model has impressive interior versatility and better driving dynamics.

Infiniti qx60 vs qx80

FactorInfiniti qx60Qx80
Engine3.5-liter V-65.6-liter V-8
Horsepower295 HP400 HP
Torque270 lb-ft. @ 4800 rpm413 lb-ft. @ 4000 rpm
DrivetrainFWD standard, AWD UpgradeRWD Standard, 4WD Upgrade
Towing Capacity5,000 lbs.8,5000 lbs.

The Infiniti qx60 features a powerful engine that turns out a luxury SUV compared to the qx80. It is also paired with an electronically-controlled 7-speed automatic transmission for rapid acceleration and smooth shifts.

QX80 also stands out in the market for its amazing features. It features comfort and style, giving you a convenient drive and ride.

Infiniti qx60 vs Audi q7

FactorInfiniti qx60Audi q7
Engine3.5L V6 Gas2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
Fuel EconomyCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPGCity: 20 MPG Hwy: 25 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons22.5 gallons
Seating Capacity7 seater7 seater
Curb Weight4393 lbs.4806 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity3500 lbs.N/A

You will feel like a celebrity when traveling with the Audi q7. Its front seat comes with a heated feature, allowing you to feel comfortable inside the vehicle in the winter season. Moreover, your muscles will feel relaxed on the long road due to the comfy seats.

Audi q7 has an upper 10.1” touch screen and a lower screen for convenient visibility. The vehicle will let you enjoy endless memories when riding as it has several advanced features to put a smile on your face.

Infiniti qx60 vs Genesis gv80

FactorInfiniti qx60Genesis gv80
Engine3.5L V6 Gas3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas
DrivetrainFront-Wheel DriveAll-Wheel Drive
Fuel EconomyCity: 18 MPG Hwy: 23 MPGCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons21.1 gallons
Seating Capacity7 seater7 seater
Curb Weight4393 lbs.5104 lbs.

The Genesis GV80 is a well-equipped and fun to ride vehicle. This midsize luxury car has an affordable price range and an athletic look. Its interior is handsome and eye-catchy for having a chiseled exterior and includes a diamond-mesh grille.

It also features several safety systems, including blind-spot collision assist, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warning, etc., to give you a safe ride.

Infiniti qx60 vs qx50

FactorInfiniti qx60Infiniti qx50
MPG City19 MPG / 8 KML22 MPG / 9.4 KML
MPG Hwy26 MPG / 11 KML28 MPG / 11.9 KML
Power295 HP @ 6,400 RPM286 HP @ 5,600 RPM
Torque270 lb.-ft. @ 4,800 RPM280 lb.-ft. @ 1,600 RPM
Cargo Space76.2 cubic feet65.1 cubic feet
Seating Capacity7 seater5 seater

Although the Infiniti qx50 is narrower and smaller than the Infiniti qx60, it comfortably accommodates 5 seats. Its leather seats are hand-tailored and have wood trim, permitting passengers and drivers a safe ride.

Moreover, the sleeker exterior gives it a stylish look. However, the Infiniti qx60 has a much tougher and angular look. The Infiniti qx50 is the newer model and comes with upgraded technology named lane departure prevention, monitor blind spot, etc.

Infiniti qx60 vs Volvo xc90

FactorInfiniti qx60Volvo xc90
Engine3.5L V6 Gas2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas 2.0L Turbo (Optional)
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons18.8 gallons
Fuel EconomyCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPGCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPG
Curb Weight4393 lbs.4374 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity3,500 lbs.4,000 lbs.
Seating Capacity7 seater7 seater

The Volvo XC90 is the ultimate luxury SUV to meet all your needs. It has tons of safety features like a Cross-traffic alert system unavailable in Infiniti qx60.

This car delivers a Rear Parking Aid, allowing the driver to drive it in a tight space without a problem. A Tire pressure monitor and brake assist system are available in the on-bard access system, making it one of the exceptional SUVs.

Infiniti qx60 vs KIA Telluride

FactorInfiniti qx60KIA Telluride
Engine3.5L V6 Gas3.8L V6 Gas
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gallons18.8 gallons
Fuel EconomyCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPGCity: 21 MPG Hwy: 26 MPG
Curb Weight4,393 lbs.4,112 lbs.
Towing Capacity3500 lbs.5000 lbs.
Seating Capacity7 seater8 seater

Are you looking for a handsome looking SUV? The KIA Telluride is more stylish with an excellently polished and glossy exterior than the Infiniti qx60. Moreover, it is made of durable parts to give you many years of service.

Impressively, it has a seating capacity of 8 persons, which is higher than qx60, letting you go for a long ride with your family and friends.

Infiniti qx60 vs BMW x5

FactorInfiniti qx60BMW x5
Wheels TypeAluminumAluminum
Front Wheel Size18″ x 8″19″ x 9″
Rear Wheel Size18″ x 8″19″ x 9″
Transmission9-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic
Steering TypeRack-pinionRack-pinion
Front / Rear SuspensionMulti-Link / StrutMulti-Link / Double Wishbone

If towing is on your list, go with BMW x5 vs Infiniti qx60. BMW x5 has a towing capacity of 7000 lbs. Infiniti qx60 can tow 3,500 lbs. So, if you need to complete the heavy-duty towing task, BMW x5 will be an excellent choice.

You will get a front collision warning, assisting you in avoiding potential crashes or accidents. So, you will always have a safe ride on the road.

Infiniti qx60 vs Honda Pilot

FactorInfiniti qx60Honda Pilot
Engine3.5L V6 Gas3.5L V6 Gas
Horsepower295 HP @ 6400 rpm280 HP @ 6000 rpm
Torque270 lb.-ft. @ 4800 rpm262 lb.-ft. @ 4700 rpm
Transmission9-speed automatic9-speed automatic
Curb Weight4393 lbs.4070 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity3,500 lbs.3,500 lbs.

The Honda Pilot is an excellent family wagon, giving you a memorable ride. It comes with a rich look, and the interior space will also please you. However, the Infiniti qx60 also has a spacious interior to give you enough comfort.

In terms of towing capacity, both SUVs offer the same capacity of 3,500 lbs. which is decent enough for meeting the requirements of a family.

Infiniti qx60 vs Lincoln Aviator

FactorInfiniti qx60Lincoln Aviator
Engine3.5L V6 Gas3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas
Exterior Dimension (L X W)198.2 in X 69.7 in199.3 in X 69.6 in
Wheelbase114.2 in119.1 in
Ground Clearance6.7 inN/A
Steering TypeRack-PinionRack-Pinion
Turning Diameter38.1 ftN/A

When discussing safety and reliability, the Lincoln Aviator is a good option to choose. Although Infiniti qx60 also delivers reliable performance but not similar to Lincoln Aviator. 

It comes with high passenger space, decent fuel economy, and life expectancy is also good enough. Both cars’ price range is almost the same, and performance is also quite similar. 

But with high life expectancy and fuel-efficient performance, the Infiniti qx60 is the winner of these 2 amazing SUVs. 

How Reliable Are Infiniti QX60?

Different consumer reports indicate Infiniti qx60 is a dependable SUV. 

  • Infiniti qx60 has received a 4.1 rating out of 5 in Kelley Blue Book
  • RepairPal gave 3.5 stars out of 5 star 
  • The reliability rating of Infiniti qx60 as per JD Power is 81 out of 100

Let’s compare the reliability rating of the Infiniti qx60 and other similar cars.

SUV NameReliability Rating
Infiniti qx603.5
Infiniti qx803.5
Lincoln MKS3
Infiniti JX353
Audi Q72.5
Lincoln Navigator2.5
Infiniti qx562.5

Infiniti qx60 Years to Avoid

Not all Infiniti qx60 models are good; the 2017 model year is the worst. This model year received several complaints and was listed as the worst model year.

The Infiniti qx60, 2017 model year, rated badly for several factors, including lower mileage and high maintenance costs. 

Infiniti qx60 model received a total of 18 customer complaints. The 2017 model received 7 complaints. 

The most-reported faults of Infiniti qx60 are,

Oil Sludge: After driving 30,000 miles, the 2017 Infiniti qx60 shows an oil sludge problem. Engine replacement will help you solve the problem.

Transmission Fault: Infiniti qx60 experienced humming and shaking issues in the transmission after riding 55,250 miles.

Both problems can be solved without cost if the vehicle is under warranty.

What Year is Best for INFINITI QX60?

To date, Infiniti qx60 has released only 2 generations. The first generation was released in 2013, and the 2nd generation hit the market in 2021.

The best year for Infiniti qx60 is the 2016 model year and the 2018 – 2020 model years. 

There have been 0 complaints for the 2018 – 2020 model year. On the other hand, the 2016 model year has only 1 complaint.

Since the 2nd generation was released on the market long ago, complaint records are unavailable. The 2022 Infiniti qx60 model year is more stylish and updated than other model years. 

Infiniti qx60 Model Years and Number of Complaints published a consumer report regarding the number of complaints of each Infiniti qx60 model year. We shared the report for your convenience below.

Model YearComplaints Number
20177 (Worst Year)
20190 (Best Year)
20200 (Best Year)

Any Recall on Infiniti qx60?

When preparing this comprehensive guide, all models of Infiniti qx60 has a total of 10 recalls.

One note to keep in mind is that recalls are a manufacturer’s fault, and you don’t need to pay for repairing the problems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains the recall campaigns in the USA.

Here we shared the recall numbers of each Infiniti qx60 model year,

2013: 1
2014: 2
2015: 1
2016: 1
2017: 0
2018: 1
2019: 2
2021: 0

How Much Does Infiniti qx60 Cost

The starting price of Infiniti qx60 is $46,850. It is a below-average starting price for a stylish mid-size SUV.

Smart storage solution, high elegant cabin design, smooth-shifting 9-speed automatic, etc., are a few features of Infiniti qx60 that make it exceptional from its rivals.

Is It Expensive to Maintain an INFINITI QX60?

As per RepairPal, you won’t have to pay $639 / year to repair Infiniti qx60. It is the lowest among other SUVs in its price range.

Let’s look at the maintenance cost of Infiniti qx60 and other similar SUVs.

ModelInfiniti qx60Infiniti qx80Lincoln MKSInfiniti JX35Audi Q7BMW X5BMX X6Lincoln MKTLincoln Navigator
Maintenance Cost/Year$639$718$886$837$1185$1166$1206$996$1089

Are Infiniti qx60 Expensive to Repair?

In the first 10 years of Infiniti qx60, the average repair cost will be $10,805. This cost is unbeatable to other standard and luxurious SUV repair costs for the first 10 years. 

You will also love to know that major repair is 32.16%. This is 7.40% lower compared to other SUVs.

Infiniti qx60 Insurance Cost

The insurance cost of Infiniti qx60 is also lower than other SUV models. Average insurance cost is $220 / month or $2640 / year with $43,100 base price. 

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Tire Last?

The life range of the Infiniti qx60 tire is 30,000 – 65,000 miles. Within this range, you need to check the tire condition and replace it without fail whenever necessary.

Generally, a factory-fitted tire’s average lifespan is 50,000 miles.

Here are a few important notes on Infiniti qx60 tires,

  • Within 4 – 5 years, the tires will start showing wear and tear. Meanwhile, the depth of tread health depends largely on the driven mileage.
  • The less you drive the Infiniti qx60, the lifespan of the tires will improve.
  • Rotate the tires after every 5,000 miles. This way, the wear and tear will be even.

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Brake Last?

Brake pads’ health relies on a few factors such as weather, driving style, etc. 

The brake pads will last 25,000 – 65,000 miles with regular maintenance. At the same time, some customers experienced 80,000 miles of service from brake pads. 

However, you can consider following the below tips to extend your Infiniti qx60 brake pads lifespan

  • Avoid driving in start-stop city traffic. The frequent brake will damage the brake pads
  • Drive on highways where frequent braking is unnecessary

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Transmission Last?

Infiniti qx60 transmission varies based on the generations. 

The 1st generation (2013 – 2021) of Infiniti qx60 transmission will last between 250k – 300k miles. However, the 2nd generation with 9-speed automatic transmission is also expected to last the same miles. 

With premium-quality vehicle parts, considered and careful driving, periodic maintenance will ensure that the transmission will deliver smooth performance for many years. 

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Batteries Last?

The average lifespan of Infiniti qx60 batteries is 3 – 5 years. However, this life expectancy will vary based on the driving style, battery type, weather conditions, etc. 

You can improve the battery lifespan by following the below 4 tips,

Securely Install the Battery: If the SUV battery is not installed securely, the lifespan will reduce. Vehicles get exposed to vibration. Insecure fastening of the battery will damage due to the vibration. Even a short circuit may cause.

Don’t Go for Frequent Short Rides: Short rides are not good for the overall health of a vehicle. The battery will be unable to get charged fully if you stop the SUV frequently. We suggest you limit short rides.

Corrosion Controlling: SUV battery performance will reduce significantly because of corrosion and rust. Clean the battery terminals regularly. Prepare a soda and water mixture, then apply it to the terminals using a toothbrush. Thus, corrosion will not build up.

Safe Parking Area: Don’t park or store your Infiniti qx60 in an open place. Extreme weather may damage your SUV battery badly.

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Spark Plug Last?

Replacement of Infiniti qx60 is necessary every 10 years or 105,000 miles. This longevity is according to the manufacturer’s manual. 

How Long Do Infiniti qx60 Engines Last?

Infiniti qx60 engine lasts 250,000 – 300,000 miles when periodic maintenance is confirmed. 

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your INFINITI QX60

Care and maintenance are mandatory to get a long year of service from a luxurious and sophisticated SUV. In this case, the Infiniti qx60 is also no exception.

Find the below points to help you get many years of service from your Infiniti qx60.

  • A proper maintenance schedule is key to long-term service. 
  • Replace the synthetic oil and rotate the tires every 5,000 miles.
  • Inspect the brake pads and rotor after driving 10,000 miles. Also, replace the windshield or refill the transmission fluid.
  • Follow the same routine after 20,000 miles. Additionally, check the condition of the suspension, exhaust system, and steering.
  • After 30,000 miles, ensure to follow the above routine. Also, inspect the key fob battery and engine air filter. If you find a major issue, don’t hesitate to replace them.
  • Replace the brake belts after reaching 40,000 miles. Moreover, an inspection of the fuel line or EVAP vapor line is necessary.
  • Use rustproofing components to keep the SUV rustproof.
  • Polish the exterior and give a new look to your vehicle periodically. Get the job done by taking assistance from a professional.
  • Avoid driving roughly; this will help you prevent potential crashes and accidents. In addition, smooth driving will ensure less wear and tear on the brake pads.
  • Park the Infiniti qx60 in a closed area, garage or indoor. Shifting temperature or harsh weather will not damage your vehicle.


Does the Infiniti QX60 have a CVT transmission?

In the 2013 model year of Infiniti qx60, CVT transmission is available. From the 2013 – 2020 model year, Infiniti qx60 has variable transmission. From the 2022 qx60 model, you will find 9-speed automatic transmission.

What is considered high mileage for an Infiniti qx60?

More than 120,000 miles is considered the high mileage of Infiniti qx60. 
When buying a used Infiniti qx60, the below factors need to be kept in mind,
Check the Service History: Ask for the vehicle’s service history before deciding on a model. 
How Many Users of the SUV: More users mean more wear and tear. If a car owner serviced the car regularly and drove 120k fully, ensure that the vehicle is well taken care of.

Should I Buy the Infiniti QX60?

If you plan to buy a luxury SUV, buy the Infiniti qx60 without thinking twice. Here are a few reasons why should you buy the Infiniti qx60,

  • Stylish exterior and interior design
  • Powerful V6 engine
  • Hand-free access to the cargo
  • Features rear-seat entertainment to entertain your kids
  • Premium quality materials are used in the seat for passenger’s comfort
  • It comes with high-tech apps to make your ride enjoyable
  • All-wheel drive
  • Seating options are flexible
  • An exquisite cabin area

You will never regret investing in Infiniti qx60.

Final Words

The Infiniti qx60 is an amazing SUV crossover with a wide range of features for the safety and comfort of the passengers. Better accommodation is confirmed with its curvature design.

Its mileage is also pretty high than other similar cars. Fuel economy will also satisfy you for sure.

Hopefully, after reading this article on how long do Infiniti qx60 last, deciding on buying this car will be much more convenient


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