Can Subaru Forester Drive on Snow – Real Driving Experience

Driving in winter or snow is incredibly brutal. Roads become extremely slippery and slick due to snow. For this reason, you can lose control easily and increase the risk of unwanted situations.

Thanks to Subaru Forester, which features standard all-wheel drive and excellent ground clearance, making it easy to drive on snow. Subaru Forester tackles winter severe road conditions quite efficiently. Also, it keeps passengers and drivers comfortable and warm inside the car.

So, what makes the Subaru Forester an exceptional vehicle to drive on snow? We will deep dive into learning more on the topic of can Subaru forester drive on snow.

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Can Subaru Forester Drive on Snow?

Undoubtedly, the Subaru Forester is a top choice for driving on snow.

It is because of the impressive 8.7” ground clearance. More ground clearance means your vehicle undercarriage is cleared from snow. As a result, the chance of getting stuck is less when driving on snow. Also, navigating unplowed roads becomes much more effortless.

Another worth-mentioning feature is the all-wheel drivetrain. The torque gets distributed to all wheels for this feature, letting the vehicle easily avoid slippery road conditions. Simultaneously, the wheels have increased traction on the snow.

If you go for frequent family holidays in the winter or have an active lifestyle, Subaru Forester would be an ideal choice. This vehicle has roof bars, allowing you to mount skis and snowboards without hassle, making it an excellent choice for winter.  

Do Foresters have a Snow Mode?

Subaru Forester doesn’t have a specific “snow mode,” but it features “X mode.” This mode performs similarly to snow mode and lets you drive conveniently on snow.

However, X mode is an updated feature than the typical snow mode. This mode ensures improved grip. More importantly, it helps you drive in severe conditions without worrying about accidents.

Subaru Forester has a center console where you will find the X mode button to turn the mode on. On the instrument panel, there is an indicator light. When the light is on, X mode gets activated.

How Do Foresters Handle Low Winter Temperatures? 

You will barely experience an inefficient performance from Subaru Forester in low winter temperatures. Different features like direct fuel injection and remote engine start perform together to give a comfortable ride in the winter.

The direct fuel injection eliminates a false engine start. Due to this feature, starting the Subaru forester engine becomes so simple. The engine doesn’t take much time to start.

Moreover, you can get the benefits of the MySubaru App because the app enables you to remote engine start. This means the engine starts running when you are at home, and you will have a comfy, nice and warm cabin before you begin your journey.

Engine block heaters are another worth-mentioning feature of the Subaru forester. The responsibility of these heaters is to help your engine start even in the sub-zero temperature.

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Can a Forester Drive on Ice?

Yes, you can drive a forester on ice. But for this, you need to take extreme caution, which are,

  • Low speed
  • While cornering, greater care is a must

Generally, the center of gravity is high in SUVs compared to a sedan or other vehicle types. As a result, the risk of rolling is high on slick roads. That is why special caution is mandatory when driving on ice. Also, an ideal tire for encountering ice is necessary.

How Much Snow can a Subaru Go Through?

A Subaru is good at maintaining snow or ice. With a Subaru, you can go a maximum of 8″ through the snow or ice. However, to remember, driving in flat areas is much easier than driving in the mountains.

Riding and playing around in your car through ice will be a ton of fun. But with all vehicles or SUVs, you can’t do that. Subaru goes efficiently through snow or ice roads and gives you the convenience to enjoy your rides.

What About Older Forester Models and Winter Driving? 

You might be wondering if older Subaru forester models are not good for winter driving because they lack advanced features. But the truth is, older Subaru forester models are also great performers on snow.

Most Subaru Forester models feature AWD, making them capable of driving on winter roads. Moreover, Subaru SUVs are reliable, capable and fast in different road conditions. Those models’ engines are mounted low in the body, improving weight distribution. Moreover, their 4 wheel features a high level of grip, helping the older models cope with winter driving.

For these reasons, both older and new Subaru models are popular among farmers, doctors, or anyone who needs an SUV for all-weather conditions.

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What Features will Improve Winter Driving?

A winter storm can create dangerous driving conditions. To avoid accidents during winter driving, your vehicle should have the below features,

All-Wheel Drive

Sliding out of control on the roads or getting stuck on the ice can be the worst nightmare for a driver. 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive offer better acceleration and maintain traction to all vehicles’ wheels for smooth running on slick roads. All-wheel drive is now available in all types of vehicles, from SUVs to pick-up trucks. While you will find 4-wheel drive features in most modern vehicles.

Engine Block Heater

Late or the false start of the engine in frigid temperature is common in most vehicles. In order to ensure a safe and faster engine start, the engine block heater feature comes in handy. This feature takes the assistance of a household electric current and keeps the temperature normal for the oil pan, oil dipstick and other engine parts.

The engine block heater also minimizes wear and tear and helps the vehicle heater create a comfortable environment inside the car.

Headlight Washers & Wipers

Maintain bright lights for a clearer view of the road ahead. Moreover, wipers clear blockage from the front glass, ensuring an obstruction-free riding experience.

Heated Seat

While electrically heated seats were available in luxury vehicles, you will find them in moderately priced vehicles. This feature can heat the driver and passenger seats for a comfortable driving experience in the winter mornings.

Heated Steering Wheels

Helps keep your hands toasty warm, even on the chilliest of days.

Heated Windscreen

Save time and money deicing the windscreen.

Winter Tires

Don’t get fooled thinking that winter tires have metal studs. This is not the case at all. Winter tires have unique tread patterns and are made of specialized rubber that remains soft in sub-zero temperatures. Also, these tire types offer great traction and grip on slick roads.

Your winter riding will be a lot less stressful with the above features. Consider these features before buying a vehicle if you live in a cold region.

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear on Foresters?

Yes, you can install additional snow gears on foresters. The below gears can be installed in Subaru,

  • Snow tires: Stopping distance will be better. Also, handling will increase.
  • Snow Socks: Increases traction of the tire.
  • Snow Chains are required for certain states and conditions; installing them totally depends on the owner’s decision. However, the owner’s manual doesn’t recommend installing snow chains.
  • Roof Racks: Gives you more space for storing snowboards and skis.
  • Rooftop Tent: Lets you stay comfortably without paying additional bucks for accommodation.

Can You Mount a Snow Plow on a Forester?

Foresters are not designed to mount a piece of a snowplow. So, we advise you not to mount a snowplow on a Forester.

Does Subaru Forester have 4wd

Subaru foresters are designed with a permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive. As a result, optimum traction is confirmed because power gets delivered to all 4-wheel drives.

  • Compared to normal AWD, symmetrical AWD is safer because you will experience better balance, and improved control is confirmed.
  • Permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive means you can drive all 4 wheels at all times. 

Does Subaru Forester Need Snow Tires?

Although Subaru forester tires are specially designed for winter road conditions, snow tires are highly recommended for Subaru foresters.

Snow tires increase traction, gripping ability and handling in winter driving conditions. These tires are flexible and soft, characteristically in lower temperatures. Also, the tread pattern is designed in such a way as to push the ice out from under the tires. 

Top 3 Snow Tires for Subaru Forester

All Subaru Forester models don’t come with the best snow tire. So, the tires need to be changed if you want better driving performance on snow. Below are the best snow tires for Subaru foresters.

1. Bridgestone Blizzak

  • Sips are deep and interlocked for greater control.
  • Excellent stopping performance compared to other tires of its range
  • Outstanding traction on all types of pavement

2. Michelin X-Ice

  • The voids are wide and V-shaped, preventing hydroplaning issues
  • Aggressive styling and look
  • It comes with an industry-standard 3PMSF rating for traction

3. Continental VikingContact 7

  • Tread depth is 10/32”, providing great control on snow, ice and slush
  • Strategically designed tread voids and grooves to give you a safe driving experience
  • Suitable for long daily commute

Source: Lifted Imports

Do Subarus Need Chains in the Snow? 

No, it wouldn’t be the best idea to use chains in Subaru when riding on snow. Subaru’s Symmetrical all-wheel-drive system is the main reason that makes it unnecessary to use chains in Subaru tires.

Conclusion – Is a Subaru Forester Good in Snow?

Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive guide on can Subaru forester drive on snow, your all confusions are not clear.

Without confusion driving a Subaru Forester in the snow is good. In fact, Subaru is one of the best SUVs on snow for several reasons. It comes with X mode, good clearance and well-treaded tires for convenient driving on snow, ice or slush. Also, an electrically heated seat and remote engine start to facilitate the driving experience on snow.

If you live in a winter region and are planning to buy an SUV to ride comfortably on ice or snow, buy a Subaru Forester without thinking twice.


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