American BMW vs German BMW – What is the Difference?

Quality and reliability – are the 2 strong points behind the success of BMW today. This premium brand is well-known for manufacturing ultramodern luxury cars with the latest features and technologies. Do you know BMW has American and German versions?

Although American BMW vs German BMW are built in different areas of the world, their basics are pretty similar. However, the country’s driving style and laws significantly differ in the build quality and safety features.

I crafted this guide describing the differences between American BMW and German BMW. Keep on reading…

American BMW vs. German BMW – In-depth Comparison

American BMW vs German BMW

When it comes to building quality, European BMW feels comfortable and comes with a stylish design. American BMWs are also better but not as good as German BMWs.

Go through the below section to learn the in-depth comparison of American German BMW.

Engine Type

Gas prices in America are less than in Europe or Germany. For this reason, American BMWs are made with a bigger engine. In fact, there is no real demand for a smaller size engine.

More importantly, American models run on gasoline. Due to the larger engine, these BMWs can accelerate faster by producing more power and burning more gasoline. For the cheaper rate of gasoline, American BMW owners don’t have to think a lot about gasoline cost.

On the other hand, you must have noticed that the German BMW consists of a smaller engine. They are built keeping the low-cost option in mind.

Moreover, German BMW engines use diesel fuel. As a result, you will find them without cool stuff like sunroofs, alloy wheels, etc.

However, don’t assume you can’t use this stuff in your German BMW. In fact, you have to buy these things separately, which means additional costs. But in American BMWs, these kinds of stuff are built-in.

Performance and Longevity

Undoubtedly, German engineering is far better compared to American engineering. Proven deep-drawing steels and higher strength materials are used in German BMW. The materials are extremely rigid and lightweight.

Also, they use unique designs and features in their BMW, making them eye-catchy. If your priority is longevity and you want a quality vehicle that lasts for decades, a German BMW will be an ideal choice.

Meanwhile, American BMW’s body and other parts are also made using quality materials. However, the materials are not pretty good. The build quality is a bit shoddy, and cheap plastics are used in the interior.

This is true for BMW, and all American cars are manufactured following the same standards. Thus, they are less durable, and servicing life is not as satisfactory as German BMWs.

The good news is that American BMWs are also popular for specific qualities.

Safety Features

Several safety features are available in both American and German BMW to make your ride safe and protected.

Bigger airbags are available in American BMW. Thus, drivers and passengers can remain secured in the event of an accident.

Also, headlights with different ratings will be found in these BMWs. Electronic stability control, daytime running lights, built-in turn signal mirrors, etc., are some of the safety features of American BMW to make every ride enjoyable.

In addition, approach control facilitates sudden brakes to a stop, letting you avoid a rear-end collision. Additionally, bumpers are larger, as is necessary by U.S. law.

Most safety features are integrated with the German BMWs following German law.

A first aid kit is a mandatory feature of every European BMW. Moreover, they feature fog lights, allowing you to ride in foggy weather quite comfortably.

Furthermore, you can open and close the windows while the doors are open. Smart headlights, collision warning systems, stability and lane assist, and autonomous cruise control are some features incorporated in German BMWs. Besides, speed limiters are a bit higher in European models.

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Wrap Up

BMW is a popular and one of the highest car-selling manufacturers in the world. In terms of quality, they are unbeatable whether the car is built in America or Germany. Whether you want an American or German BMW version, the main factor is to learn your preference.

Hopefully, after reading this American BMW, deciding which one to buy will be much more convenient.


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