How Do They Get Cars in the Mall & Why? – All Ways Explained

Automotive dealers always look for new ways to sell their vehicles. One of the best strategies is to showcase new car models in the mall. This idea helps to grab the attention of the customers. While visiting a mall, ever wondered how do they get cars in the mall?

Truly, most people never think of it. The process is pretty unique, and it is something that happens much more frequently than you may think. Most shopping malls have strategically designed doors or locations that open up large enough. Automotive dealers use these doors to drive their cars into the mall when it is closed.

How do I know? Well, I spend a lot of time in malls. I shared my findings in this comprehensive guide.

How do they Get Cars in the Mall?

How do they Get Cars in the Mall

Cars drive into retail malls as exhibition cars when the mall is closed. Malls have strategically placed a series of doors that can be opened up large enough, helping cars and heavy equipment to pass through. You will find these doors in service sections, and only mall staff is permitted to enter.

Below are a few ideas about how do they get display cars in the mall;

Secret Rollway Door

In maximum malls, secret sliding doors are available. The size of the door is as large as garage doors. On top of the door, track-rollers also exist.

If you roam around a mall, you can find them quite easily. It is due to the difference between the secret rollway door and typical doors or windows being identical.

When a dealer takes a new car to the mall, they take the vehicle in the section and open it by sliding. The size of the section is big enough to drive a car through it.

Hidden Garage Door

Instead of a secret sliding door, some malls are designed with a hidden garage door. The concept of having a hidden garage door is similar to the secret sliding door except for the mechanism.

These door types don’t get slid side-by-side. They will open like a typical garage door. Spotting these doors is pretty easy to identify as the tracks for the rollers of the doors are identical to the roof. Additionally, horizontal breaks will allow the wall to fold slightly as the door opens. 

Double Doors and Bravery

Double doors are one of the common ways to get a car in and out of a mall. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest method to hide the entrance of your car.

Generally, several malls have double doors for people to walk through. These doors are pretty large. They are positioned on a flat section, near a curb break, or near a paved road. In fact, these doors are oversized. When they are opened fully, driving a car through them is much easier.

However, the driver has to be skilled, experienced and brave enough to drive expensive and freshly polished cars into these openings.

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Why do they Get Cars in the Mall?

Car dealers have to put much effort into attracting customers. Without continuous hard work, this task is pretty challenging. Dealers showcase their cars in the mall for several reasons. Here are some reasons,

For Marketing Purpose

New cars always come with unique features from their earlier models. You can hardly get the latest features if you don’t look at the car intently. 

But when a car is displayed in a shopping mall, you will pass around and touch it. You can even spend 20 – 30 minutes around the vehicle, observing features without bothering anyone.

Deep investigation of new car model features by a potential customer is pretty common. It helps them make precise buying decisions. Also, showcasing a car lets a salesman share the benefits of the features to the customer, which is quite impossible if the car is not displayed in the mall.

Moreover, some features that may look funny or unnecessary in the commercial will likely let you think differently if you see the car in person.

Overall, when a car is showcased in a mall, you can take your time before purchasing to look at the features and offers.

Displaying a New Car Model

Every car manufacturer wants to ensure that the world knows the features of the new car models. That is why new versions of vehicle models are much anticipated.

Common human psychology is that they like new and fresh things and in the case of cars, it is no exception.

Moreover, some people love buying new releases and being the first in their community. This kind of activity is significant to some people. They simply love to buy the upgraded and greatest of everything on the market.

The mall is the best place to visit if you also admire buying the latest car models.

Car dealers know that a group of people are excited about brand-new cars. That is why they change the vehicles with new features every week. Displaying a new car model each week is a good idea to increase the sales of automobiles.

For example, if you have been driving a Subaru Forester for your entire life and never visited a mall, you might be missing the new features and versions of the Subaru SUV that the dealer comes up with.

Less Stressful Compared to Dealership

Ever feel pressured when buying a new vehicle from a car dealership? If the answer is YES, remember, you are not alone.

Salespeople received pressure from their respective car dealers. Then the same pressure carried over to the customer sometimes.

As a result, you will experience pressure in making a buying decision right away, even if you are just trying to take the information.

More stress in the dealership means you will get less time to check and learn the features of a car.

But the car in the mall allows consumers enough time to see the car’s features and get a feel for the car. In this case, the best thing is that consumers can take their required time to see whether they like the vehicle.

Therefore, if you want to take the time to make a buying decision by looking at the features and benefits of your selected car, the mall will be the best place to see what car models are available.

Easy Buying Process

As I stated earlier, buying a car from a car dealership is quite stressful, which can lead them to make the wrong decision and for this reason, people don’t want to go to a car dealership.

Happily, car makers and brands realized that customers looking at cars in malls are pretty serious.

So, they hired a car salesperson who will be responsible for spending time with the consumers and answering any questions that may arise. The process is something like a small car dealership into a mall.

This mini pop-up car dealership is quite different from traditional car dealerships. Customers are getting enough time to make a decision. In fact, it helps make the buying process easier. A more straightforward process means an increase in sales.

More Security than a Dealership

A mall is a safer option compared to a dealership. Enough numbers of security guards are available in the mall. Their prime duty is to ensure the safety of the mall and look out for probable criminals.

Moreover, several surveillance cameras keep an eye on the mall’s interior and exterior, preventing potential criminals.

Thus, theft or other problems can easily be avoided in the mall. Car dealerships are happy to showcase their cars in a mall. 

How do they Get Cars on the Second Floor of the Mall?

I have seen many malls where cars are displayed on the second floor. In addition, some malls’ floors are raised above the ground. Ever thought about how do they out vehicles on the mall of 2-storied buildings? Here are the secrets,

Car Elevator

I have never seen a car elevator personally. But many videos are available where cars get into 2-storied malls using car elevators.

Somewhere in a mall, there is a big elevator. These elevators are operated by someone who has permission. Once the elevator is opened, the cars get into it.

The lift will rise as many levels as needed, then open and permit the car to move towards the showroom.

Don’t think this is the same lift pedestrians use to get into the mall. These elevators are much bigger and larger. Also, they are covered with concrete.

Removable Ramp

Car dealers easily get their vehicles into an elevated showroom using the elevated ramp. However, with this facility, a mall will still consist of a sliding wall or a series of double doors, or a hidden garage. This is how do they get new cars in the mall.

In order to enter the vehicle into an elevated showroom’s expected level, a large ramp must be placed in front of the building’s car entry point. From there, driving the car up the ramp and through the entrance is effortless.


A crane will be the best option if room or place is unavailable for an elevator or a ramp. However, most dealers follow this procedure to get cars in the mall. But it is beneficial when there is no other way.

A strap is used to bind the car strongly. Then the vehicle is raised to the required level. The dealership opens the rollway door or secret garage door, and the car reaches its position. After removing the car from the crane, a designated person drives it into the mall and parks it. Isn’t getting a car into the storied mall pretty easy?

How do they Get Cars on the Second Floor of the Mall

Final Notes

Sometimes, the height and width of opening and closing gates of malls are not enough to accommodate a vehicle. Due to this, the whole problem arises.

Most malls have a large entrance or exit section, allowing dealerships to in and out automobiles and other large equipment. After reading this guide, the next time you visit a mall and see cars in the dealer’s showroom, you will never wonder how do they get cars in the mall.

Car dealers attract customers by displaying the new vehicles in the mall. Still, tolerance, hard work, and patience are required to increase the sales of a new car model.

Vehicle makers follow any of the above processes and choose skilled drivers to get cars in the mall to avoid car damage.  

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