Are Chryslers Good Car? Based on [Strengths & Weaknesses]

The Chrysler brand has been dominating the automobile industry for several years. The reason is they released some truly good cars. Chrysler 200, 300, Pacifica, etc., are some of the iconic series of this brand. However, it is crucial to know “are Chryslers good car” before buying a new or used one.

Edmunds gave 7.7 out of 10, while 8 is the rating from Car and Driver, making Chrysler the better side of the average. Moreover, according to Repairpal Chrysler’s reliability rating stands at 3.5 out of 5.0, ranking 11th among 32 car brands, based on 345 models. But these are not everything to answer whether Chryslers are a good car. Despite an average annual repair cost of $608 and 0.3 visits per year, a few owners stated about its poor quality control, earning a negative reputation for reliability.

I crafted this guide briefly with Chrysler’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, I will compare this brand to others based on safety, reliability, and other attributes to get the answer.

Let’s jump right in.

Are Chryslers Good Cars?

Walter Chrysler founded the brand in 1925. The first car of this brand is Chrysler 70. It was designed with several innovative technologies available in a car at the time. Chrysler’s popularity increased gradually, becoming the 2nd best car-selling manufacturer in the USA by 1936.

This brand has seen many ups and downs over the years. Similarly, its popularity, reputation, and ratings also fluctuated. 

Here is a chart of 3 Chrysler models on the market with Edmunds and Car and Drive ratings as of 2022.

Model NameBase PriceYearsType of VehicleCar and Driver Rating (out of 10)Edmunds Rating (out of 10)
Chrysler 300$35,4102005 – presentSedan7.66
Chrysler Pacifica$38,6902017 – presentMinivan7.99
Chrysler Voyager$33,6102020 – presentMinivanN/A8.5

With the above ratings, it is impossible to state that Chrysler is a bad car. Based on the ratings, it is clear that Chrysler is on the positive side of the average rating.

Chrysler cars are rich in innovation, from sedans to minivans. From its inception, this brand has focused on introducing ultimate family vehicles.

The American car industry has 3 big names, and Chrysler is one of them, alongside Ford and General Motors. The Chryslers are a good car for the following reasons;

High-performance Powertrain

The brand’s luxury sedan Chrysler 300, is a good example to consider. This vehicle is equipped with a generous V6 engine, generating 292 HP and going to 60 mph from 0 mph within 6.6 seconds. Moreover, it is a fuel-efficient model with 30 mpg on the highway.

The Hemi version is also a high-performance vehicle with its V8 engine that gives an output power of 360 HP. You will barely find other cars that deliver this much power while ensuring excellent fuel efficiency.

In fact, Chrysler’s other models are also offering pretty similar performance.

Introduces the Best Minivans in the Market

Chryslers have 2 minivans in the list of top 10 minivans in the USA market. More importantly, they beat Honda and Toyota by considerable margins in the segment.

Vehicles from Chryslers are roomy and comfortable to ride. In addition, the engines offer the necessary power, allowing you to enjoy an occasional trip with your family.

are Chryslers good car

Are Chryslers Good First Cars?

Chryslers are big, powerful, and bold. The quality of its features satisfied a lot of people, making it a good choice for someone’s first car.

The amenities of Chryslers make it the best option if anyone is in the market for a new car that looks luxurious and feels great.

Here are the top 8 reasons why Chryslers are good first cars.

Stronger Build

Chryslers are made of standard materials and equipped with powerful engines. For example, the Chrysler 300 Hemi version has a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters. This high-powerful engine creates 363 HP and a torque of 394 lbs.-ft.

Moreover, another model, Chrysler 300, comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine. This is also powerful enough, generating 292 HP.

It means most Chrysler models have high acceleration and quick start functionality. These cars can climb high hills conveniently while loaded with passengers and cargo.

Ability of Towing

More power means high capability.

Whether you choose V6 or V8 engines, your Chrysler will be able to tow a minimum of 1,000 lbs. of load without trouble. So, it is clear that Chrysler cars are engineered with hard work and strength in mind.

All-wheel Drive or Rear-wheel Drive

I will take the Chrysler 300 as an example for this section. This Chrysler model is so exceptional that it’s a rear-wheel drive car also offered with all-wheel drive.

Due to the rear-wheel drive, it looks sporty and aggressive. Also, this feature ensures better traction in a particular situation. Rear-wheel drive improves the durability and acceleration of a vehicle.

Moreover, the all-wheel drive feature lets the wheels grip the road perfectly in winter. Thus, you will never experience unwanted sliding.

Happily, not only the Chrysler 300 but also other models are also designed with both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive for safe driving in certain situations.

Spacious Interior

One of the biggest features of Chryslers is the spacious interior. Driver and passenger seats have sufficient space to provide ultimate comfort on the road.

For instance, the Chrysler 300 has 41.8” legroom in the front seat. Also, it consists of grand seats so that you can sit comfortably.

Also, the rear seats have 40.1” of legroom. This single feature helps Chrysler 300 rank top in the good cars list.

Most Chrysler cars have sizable cargo areas, and the average volume is 16 – 20 cubic feet. So, you can comfortably store all your luggage during a trip.

Classic Style

Chryslers are engineered with a modern and timeless sense. Most models have eye-catchy front grilles along with not-too-narrow-angled headlights.

Moreover, these cars have sturdy frames made of high-grade materials. Also, low and wide stances are great features of Chrysler cars. Additionally, curves and sculpted accents let them stand out in the crowd.

Smart Technology

You will find a massive-sized touchscreen in most Chryslers. When the discussion is about technology in cars, size really matters. The reason is when driving cars on the road, monitoring your surroundings is vital while keeping an eye on the car’s speed and other parameters. So, having a big screen is significantly beneficial as it can easily be read.

Uconnect 4C system, voice commands, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, etc., are some innovative technologies in Chrysler’s cars. At the same time, other cars in Chrysler’s price range don’t have all these technologies.

Ensures Safety

Everybody wants 100% safety while driving a car. The good news is that Chryslers are efficient enough in providing so. Multiple add-on components ensure both drivers and passengers are safe on the road.

Such a feature is the full-speed forward collision warning. The driver receives an alert when the car runs towards another car faster. Then this feature reduces the car’s speed to prevent an accident.

Adaptive cruise control is another safety technology in Chrysler cars. The vehicle speed gets adjusted with this feature. Moreover, it can take the car’s speed to “zero” if required.

Helps in Parking

Parking a car is troublesome for many, especially when a driver doesn’t know the available space between other objects and the vehicle.

Happily, you will never face difficulty parking your Chrysler as it has a ParkSense Front and Rear Park Assist component. Visual and audio cues of this feature notify a driver when the car is close to an object. This life-saving feature is beneficial on a daily basis.

Is Chrysler a Good Used Car?

Many customers love the idea of buying a used Chrysler. But are used Chryslers worth it? Let’s figure it out through this section.

Luxury Car at an Affordable Price

Luxury cars are expensive and if you want to be a proud owner of a luxury car, go for a used Chrysler 300. This car has many luxurious features to satisfy you. A well-maintained Chrysler 300 will look as shiny and reliable as a brand-new one.

Fuel Efficiency

Generally, luxurious and big cars are not manufactured with affordability in mind. But a used Chrysler is well-known for being fuel-efficient with 31 mpg highway and 19 mpg city. It means if you buy a used Chrysler, you will have a truly luxurious car without breaking the bank.

Comfort & Power

When talking about a used car, what thing comes to your mind first? Worn-out seats rarely can hit the required speed limit, right? But in the case of Chryslers, you will not experience it. 

Most Chryslers consist of V6 or V8 engines, letting you take the speed up to 60 miles within a few seconds. These luxurious vehicles also ensure comfortable riding and excellent traction control due to the all-drive wheels and comfort-tuned suspension. 

Luxury Guaranteed

Since Chryslers have all the premium features and components, they have many years of efficient service. Generally, you will find the below luxurious features in a used Chryslers for sure,

  • Wood dash accents
  • Rearview camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heated leather seats
  • Large system screen for convenient navigation
  • High-end audio
  • Panoramic sunroof

In simpler words, if you are in the market for a luxurious used car, give Chryslers a try. 

However, that doesn’t mean all Chrysler models are good used cars. The reason is all models are not built the same. Consider buying the below Chrysler models,

1. 2012-2014 Chrysler 300 SRT-8

2. 2011-2014 Chrysler 200 Convertible

3. 2011-2014 Chrysler Town and Country

4. 2006 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

5. 2008-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Are Chryslers Good on Gas?

The fuel economy of the Chrysler 300 is incredible for sedans. Also, Chrysler Pacifica and Voyager have better-than-average fuel economy for minivans. 

Find the fuel economy ratings of these 2022 Chrysler models, according to EPA

Model NameCityHighwayCity+Highway
Chrysler 300193023
Chrysler Pacifica192822
Chrysler Voyager193822

One important note is if you upgrade your car to all-wheel drive from the rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, fuel economy will be reduced. 

Are Chryslers Fun to Ride?

Chrysler cars are now more regarding practicality than fun. As per many drivers, the Chrysler 300S is thrilling to drive. The 300S features a sports-tuned suspension for efficient handling, leading the drivers to an agile drive on the road. 

Moreover, when driving a minivan, thinking about fun is impractical at all. However, Chrysler Pacifica will genuinely give you a dynamic driving experience. 

Chrysler Pacifica will rank top on the list when discussing feeling comfortable on the road. This model has impressive features such as roomy cargo space and a complete infotainment system. 

Are Chryslers Reliable?

Like all other car manufacturers, Chrysler has had rough patches over its 100 years of journey in the automotive industry. Still, this company is one of the most potent and profitable automobile makers. However, that doesn’t mean the reliability rating of this company is high. 

The reliability rating of a car depends on a few factors significantly. Repair cost and breakdown frequency are some factors that help determine a car’s reliability. 

Now, when a car receives fewer recalls, has strong warranties and repairs are inexpensive, then the car can have a high-reliability score. 

As per the 2021 Consumer Reports, Chryslers ranked 8th in the reliability list. The good news is that, in 2020, Chrysler was in the 18th position. So, this is quite a brilliant improvement. 

Additionally, Chrysler 300’s score is 4 out of 5 when the rating is done based on owner satisfaction and predicted reliability criteria.

On the other hand, the Pacifica minivan received a poor number in the predicted reliability criterion, 2 out of 5. But regarding customer satisfaction, this vehicle scored 4 out of 5.

Unfortunately, the public reaction to Chrysler doesn’t correlate with this high-reliability rating. The prime reason is this company pulled itself from extinction more than once. Happily, Chryslers is reviving its image impressively and manufacturing many dependable cars. 

Are Chryslers Safe?

Chrysler’s reliability can vary depending on the year, but its cars are reliably safe overall.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration picks the 2022 Pacifica as the safest car. Plus, the 2021 model was selected as the safest car by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

But the 300 models earned 4 out of 5 by the NHTSA and IIHS gave a “marginal” score. 

The below chart shows the safety ratings of current Chrysler models.

Model NameNHTSA Rating (Out of 5)IIHS RatingRecalls
2021 Chrysler 3004Marginal1
2021 Chrysler Pacifica5Top Safety Pick1
2021 Chrysler Voyager5Good1

Chryslers received such a good safety rating by both NHTSA and IIHS because of the below driver-assistance features

  • Full-speed forward collision warning with active braking
  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go
  • The pedestrian automatic emergency braking system
  • Lanesense® lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Parksense® rear park assist
  • Rear cross-path detection

Are Chryslers Expensive to Maintain?

The maintenance cost of Chryslers is a little bit expensive compared to other sedans, and minivans. Chrysler’s average maintenance cost is $608/year. One thing to remember is that

Chryslers generally manufactures sedans and minivans. These car types are much more inexpensive to maintain. However, the average maintenance cost is marginally less than $646 as per the vehicle types. 

But remember that maintenance cost depends on the model years of the model. I gathered maintenance cost data shared by RepairPal of 3 key Chrysler models in the below table for better understanding.

Model YearChrysler PacificaChrysler 300Chrysler 200

As per the above chart, the average maintenance cost of Chryslers is between $500 to $700.

The maintenance cost of the Pacifica is relatively high compared to the other 2 models. The reason is the Pacifica is a minivan and large size that can be driven for several miles.

Now, I crafted another chart comparing 25 car brand maintenance costs.

Brand NameMaintenance Cost/year ($)

In the above chart, Chrysler takes place in the 15th position. This place can be considered quite good.

Therefore, Chrysler is slightly costlier when considering other sedans or minivans in its price range. Moreover, sedans made by Asian manufacturers are much more inexpensive regarding maintenance.

If you are wondering why that is, let me clear you. Chryslers are not that much supportive nowadays as it was 10 years back. The components are limited. So, they are hardly found in local stores. However, servicing your Chrysler is still possible with the help of the FCA dealer network. As a result, the maintenance becomes a bit costlier than other sedans and minivans.

Now, you can keep the repair cost low by maintaining the scheduled maintenance. Your Chrysler will remain good for several years and deliver efficient service as long as possible. Hence, the severity and frequency of Chrysler cars are below average across all models.

What is the Best Chrysler Car?

Chryslers manufactured some best models over the years. Here are the best Chrysler cars considered based on long-term durability.

Model NameReliabilityValue RetentionSafetyMPG
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid6.1/107.0/1010/1030 – 82
Chrysler 3008.4/106.6/108.0/1019 – 23
Chrysler Pacifica6.1/107.8/1010/1020 – 22
Chrysler Voyager7/107.8/1010/1022

What are Common Problems with Chrysler?

Although Chrysler introduced several good quality cars, they showed quite a few problems. Learning about these problems will help you take prompt action to solve them.

I shared model-wise problems in this section.

Model NameMost Common ProblemsNumber of ComplaintsRepair Cost/year ($)
Chrysler Town & Countryi) Engine Problems ii) Electrical issue iii) Failure to detect blind spot1939523
Chrysler 300i) Bad airbag ii) Malfunction in the power window iii) Rough shifting iv) Engine issue v) Electrical issue vi) Stuck gear shift577448
Chrysler 200i) Random AHR deployment ii) Transmission failure iii) High oil consumption iv) Electrical issues v) Engine failure or stall1246549
Chrysler Pacificai) Defects in the cruise control ii) Transmission failure iii) Buildup of carbon iv) Engine noises iv) Faulty AC851483
Chrysler PT Cruiseri) Failed turn signal ii) Engine issues iii) Frequent software updates840641

Problems of Chrysler Town & Country

Electrical issue is the most commonly reported problem in Chrysler Town and Country. Due to this issue, your car will stall when driving. Also, you will notice random draining of the battery.

Then the next problem is the engine issue, causing a sudden stop of the car. Moreover, your Chrysler will refuse to start when the engine has a problem.

Finally, the most frustrating problem is the failure of blind spot detection. This is an expensive repair, and it can cause severe accidents if not solved on time.

Problems of Chrysler 300

Sadly, Chrysler can’t come out from the electrical issue, which is also found in 300. Some drivers reported that they experienced a sudden loss of power. It occurs entirely because of an electrical problem.

Another worst recall of the Chrysler 300 is the flawed airbags. The user of the 2005 to 2010 Chrysler 300 stated that the airbags catch moisture. Also, the material ruptured easily.

Moreover, the airbag inflator breaks during crashes, leading the passengers and drivers to severe injuries.

Problems of Chrysler 200

Random deployment of the active head restraints is a frustrating problem for Chrysler 200. Due to this problem, many drivers suffered from minor injuries.

Engine and transmission issues are other common complications of the Chrysler 200. Several drivers complained that the transmission shifted to the lower gear automatically. Whereas some stated that they encountered brake failure, which led to accidents. Other owners said that the engine stall happened without warning because of the faulty powertrain control modules.

Problems of Chrysler Pacifica

One of the most significant errors of Chrysler Pacifica is the transmission issue. Because of this issue, JD Power gave this model a low-reliability rating of 63 out of 100. The issues in the transmission cause strange noises and leaks. Also, this problem is responsible for the complete failure of the transmission.

This model also showed frequent defects in the control cruise for malfunctioned wiring. Chrysler received 4.8 million recalls in 2018 because of the cruise control not disengaging. This complication harshly raises the risk of a dangerous accident.

Problems of Chrysler PT Cruiser

Whoever drives the Chrysler PT Cruiser stated that this model has some severe problems. Similar to all other Chryslers, it also had electrical issues. Other common problems are Faulty turn signals and malfunctional headlights.

Also, owners are annoyed with the constant software update.

Are Chryslers long-lasting cars?

A Chrysler has an average mileage of 210,000 – 240,000 miles. Look at the chart below of the Chrysler model’s maximum mileage.

Model NameMaximum Mileage (Miles)Average Mileage (Miles)
Chrysler 300240,000200,000
Chrysler 200260,000220,000
Chrysler Town & Country320,000260,000
Chrysler Pacifica220,000180,000
Chrysler Sebring210,000170,000
Chrysler Aspen210,000170,000
Chrysler Crossfire160,000130,000
Chrysler PT Cruiser250,000210,000

Important Note:

  • Your Chrysler will run up to its maximum mileage when a periodic maintenance schedule is maintained.


Conclusion – do Chryslers hold their value

As long as you know the possible problems you may encounter, buying a Chrysler car should come with fewer risks.  

Chryslers score better-than-average reliability rating according to Consumer Reports in 2022. While in 2021, their reliability rating was so poor it was below average. So, it is clear that this brand worked on improving reliability and customer satisfaction.

Although their maintenance cost per year seems a bit higher than other manufacturers’ minivans or sedans, the best thing is that Chryslers are less prone to damage. Also, the average mileage of Chryslers is 210,000 – 240,000 miles. This performance is pretty impressive compared to other cars in its price range.

With the above data and information, I believe you are now well aware of the answer to the question, “are Chryslers good car.”


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