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Towing an RV is significantly beneficial when you plan to go camping and need to carry a small vehicle along with a journey. In such a situation, flat-tow is the easiest way to accomplish this. If you are a Fiat 500 owner, the first question that might come to mind is, can a Fiat 500 be towed?

Many RV owners are fond of Fiat 500 for its easy to maneuver, handy, and lightweight characteristics. Fiat 500 has front-wheel drive and manual transmission characteristics, allowing you to flat tow safely.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look for the answer to what factors play a crucial role in terms of Fiat 500 flat tow. Let’s continue reading.

Can a Fiat 500 be Flat Towed?

The other name for flat towing is “dinghy towing.” When towing a vehicle, if all 4 wheels are grounded, it is called flat towing. It may seem simple, but all cars don’t come with flat towed capability.

Damage may happen to the differentials of a vehicle with automatic transmission if it is flat towed without disconnecting the driveshaft. Simultaneously, a car with a continuously variable transmission is challenging to flat-tow.

On the other hand, vehicles that have automatic transmission are easy to flat tow. However, it would always be best to check your owner’s manual.

We read the owner’s manual of all Fiat 500 models and checked which one can be flat towed. While flat towing any Fiat, make sure to follow the below 4 guidelines,

  • Choose Neutral Transmission
  • Parking brake disengagement is a must
  • Unlock the steering column by turning the ignition to ACC position
  • 65 mph should be the max. towing speed

Flat tow the below Fiat 500 models,

  • Fiat 500 and 500 Abarth
  • Fiat 500X

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How Much Does a Fiat 500 Weigh?

Calculating your car weight is significantly vital if you plan to take your Fiat on your RVing journey. At the same time, considering the towing equipment and whether you are storing anything inside of it is essential. Remember, the total weight shouldn’t surpass your RV’s max. towing capacity.

Following are the curb weight of the Fiat model without cargo or people inside.

  • Fiat 500: 2,366 lbs.
  • Fiat 500 Abarth: 2,512 lbs.
  • Fiat 500X: 3,000 – 3,500 lbs.

Equipment Needed for Flat Towing Fiat 500

Can a Fiat 500 be Flat Towed - Next Wheeler

Flat towing may seem easy, but it is confirmed when you have the right equipment in your hand. You will require the below equipment for flat towing Fiat 500,


Buy a hitch if your RV doesn’t include one. While buying a hitch, you need to check the latch end of the car’s tow bar. The hitch has to be compatible with your vehicle’s latch.

Base Plate Kit

A set of steel components is known as a base plate kit. They need to be installed permanently on your car’s front frame. The base plate and the tow bar need to be attached when towing your vehicle.

The configuration of vehicles is different. For this reason, the base plate kit must be manufactured for your car’s model and make.

Tow Bar

The tow bar is typically a robust frame made of steel. At one end, it connects to the hitch of your RV and at the front of the towed car’s base plate. You need to buy a customized tow bar according to your car’s model and make.

Safety Cables

Safety cables are needed when you plan to flat tow Fiat 500. The towing car and the towed car’s front frame. The towed car will be attached to the RV safely to prevent an unexpected situation.  

Wiring for Tail Lights

Safety should always get priority and for this reason, installing tail lights on the towed vehicle’s back is mandatory. Don’t forget to wire the taillights to your RV’s system. This will let the lights sync with the RV when your turn or brake. Your behind driver will get alerted by the lights when you change lanes or turn or prepare to brake.

Extra Braking System

An additional braking system is also a crucial piece of equipment. This is required to synchronize the towed vehicle’s brake with those on your RV. Most states of the USA require this.

It also performs as a safety precaution. Your rig stopping distance gets reduced by roughly 30% when you use a supplement braking system.

How to Flat Tow a Fiat 500?

If you plan to flat-tow a Fiat 500, follow the below points.

  • The tow bar is the best choice to flat tow Fiat 500. Don’t use straps or rope or other equipment as they are unsuitable and may lead you to an accident. A flexible towing device may increase the risk of hitting the towing car. So, we always recommend you buy a towing bar.
  • Standard bars, folding bars, and telescopic bars are good choices as towbars to tow Fiat 500.
  • Usually, Fiat 500 comes with 2 towing rings. This helps to attach the towing car and towed car securely.
  • The towing car’s weight must be higher than the towed car.
  • Install an efficient signal in the Fiat 500 to be towed
  • Turn both car’s warning lights on
  • Short-distance journeys need to be limited.
  • Correct alignment between the towing car and the towed car is mandatory.

By following the above restrictions, you can easily flat tow a Fiat 500.

Can a Fiat Be Towed Behind an RV?

Yes, a Fiat can be towed behind an RV if it has a front-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The below models come with both features,

  • Fiat 500X
  • Fiat 500 Abarth
  • Fiat 500

On the other hand, you must avoid towing the below Fiat models,

  • Fiat 500e
  • 124 Spider Abarth and 124 Spider
  • Fiat 500L

Final Words

Hopefully, you are now well aware of which Fiat models can be towed or which one can’t be after reading this comprehensive guide on can a Fiat 500 be Flat towed.

Also, we shared what precautions need to be taken while towing a Fiat 500. Indeed, Fiat 500 can easily be towed by following the above-discussed points.

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