Pontiac G6 Years to Avoid – Drawback of These Two Models

Pontiac G6 cars were produced and modified multiple times for coping with the trends of the market. General Motors installed and reintroduced different parts in the editions from 2005 to 2010 to ensure profitability. But the models all the years could not maintain the same quality. Different drawbacks caused the buyers to avoid some Pontiac G6 years.

The G6 model years of 2008 and 2006 have some recalls and problems which can cause serious transport failures, accidents, and loss of money. Therefore, I have marked these two Pontiac G6 years to be avoided. I have found unexpected issues like steering problems, faults in the technical parts, high maintenance costs, and low mileage coverage.

I have put my best effort to find out the most authentic information and facts about this particular topic. If you go through this article, you will be able to know some in-depth ideas about these two years of Pontiac G6. 

Pontiac G6 Years to Avoid: Know the Valid Reason

Have a look at the issues that make me select two specific Pontiac G6 model years to be avoided:

Pontiac G6 years to avoid

The drawbacks of the 2008 Pontiac G6:

Steering: The steering system of this model fails to give proper service. Drivers feel sudden trouble controlling the steering and gear. Therefore, the risk of losing a brake and facing a collision is huge. The main problem is with the rack and shaft. The repair cost of this problem may reach up to $2000.

Acceleration: This model has a problem when the driver wants to accelerate. The problem is more visible after covering around 60000 miles. The engine seems to sputter and stop during the acceleration. You will need to replace the solenoid and add a camshaft which may cost around $1800.

Transmission and technical issues: Customers also complain about the transmission system and shift cables. They do not work correctly and create constant interruptions. The computerized system also malfunctions and shows command failures.

Lack of mileage coverage: All Pontiac G6 model years are supposed to cover a mileage of almost 270000. Unfortunately, the 2008 Pontiac G6 has been reported to reach only 150000 miles and requires several repairs and replacements. 

Maintenance costs: Because of having some problems with the parts of the car, the maintenance cost is comparatively high. The average yearly maintenance may require $450 or even more.

The drawbacks of the 2006 Pontiac G6: 

Power steering: The serious issue that makes this model year better to be avoided is the faults in the power steering. The problem is found common soon after covering just around 70000 miles. The motor gets worn out so early and it may cost about $400 to replace.

Transmission shift cable: Another problem of this model is related to the transmission shift cable. This cable is found to get fractured within a short time. The weakness in the cable creates high-risk brake fails and accidents.

Faults in the engine: Many of the cars of the 2006 Pontiac G6 exposed sudden issues with the functionality of the engine. The strangled body of the engine prevents it to start which is very irritating. The repair of this problem may cost around $500. 

Mileage coverage: Even after being maintained properly, customers say that their cars could only cover 150000 miles which is less than the usually expected mileage. This decreases the productive value of this car.

Maintenance: The extensive maintenance cost is another reason behind avoiding this model year. It needs from $500 to $750 as the average yearly maintenance expenditure. This cost may get higher for extra repair and replacements. 

Pontiac G6 Reliability and Common Problems:

The justification of the quality and reliability of Pontiac G6 model years rely on the coordinating analysis of the benefits and problems. Different models come with special safety and reliable features. Besides, individual models have some problematic issues. Let’s have an overview of reliability and flaws.

Pontiac G6 Reliability: 

To judge the level of reliability, I have picked some significant and beneficial facts about Pontiac G6. The things which can make Pontiac reliable are given below.

The stability of engine and mileage coverage:

All Pontiac G6 models come with a standard 4-cylinder which gives simultaneous service and average horsepower from 170 to more than 240. The engines of various models have sporty features. The power distribution is stable and safe. 

Transmission system:

Pontiac G6 also provides automatic and manual speed transmission systems which contribute to the reliability of different models. The dual transmission facility helps the driver to have better control over the gearbox and speed. 

The safety benefits:

  • One of the most attractive safety features of the Pontiac G6 is the anti-lock brake. When a hard brake ceases the tires, this system will modify the brake to move the tire and take the car to a secured position. 
  • As cars always have some possibilities to face sudden collisions or crushes, Pontiac G6 has airbags at the front, side, and above to save the rider from serious injuries.
  • There is also a seatbelt manipulation system that helps tighten the seatbelts if the sensor system can detect any possible accident or collapse.
  • Advanced technology is used in the keyhole of the different models. Therefore, the car will prevent the engine to start if it can sense a duplicate key.

Pontiac G6 Common Problems:

Problematic head and brake lights:

A common problem reported about Pontiac G6 is the improper functionality of head and brake lights. Sometimes, the lights fail to ignite. This problem is mainly seen in the model years 2008 and 2009.

Faulty power steering:

A sudden malfunction of the power steering system is also marked by several customers. Failing to maintain the steering may lead to a crash or collision. From the year 2005 to 2007, faults in the power steering had been identified by many Pontiac users.

Door locks issue:

Sometimes, the door locks of different Pontiac G6 models don’t work properly which creates unexpected troubles. Many of the 2009 Pontiac G6 users reported this issue.

Problem with Catalytic converter:

There is another problem with Pontiac G6 which is the improper functionality of the catalytic converter. This part related to exhaust management shows a sudden lack of support. The problem is found acute in the 2007 model but also reported by the consumers of 2006 and 2008 Pontiac G6. 

Faults in transmission shift cable:

Many customers exposed an issue with the quality of transmission cable. They are also reported to be fractured and poorly structured. 2006 and 2008 Pontiac G6 are reported most for this problem.

Unusual noise when turning:

The issue of irritating sounds from the steering sector is a big flaw. This is mainly found in power steering. Drivers could hear the unusual sound of grinding when they try to steer the cars. This problem is most visible in the 2008 model but also found in the 2007 and 2006 Pontiac G6.

Improper working of the Vanity Mirror Hinge:

Many owners of the 2006 Pontiac G6 model complained that the hinges of the vanity mirror are not durable enough. The hinges are reported to break very early.

VVT Solenoid Failure:

It is a common problem in the Pontiac G6 models from 2005-2010. The use of improper oil may create obstacles against variable valve timing. This ultimately results in a rough ride, problems with the check engine light, and poor engine performance. The only solution is to replace it.

Electrical Issue:

From 2005 to 2010 Pontiac G6 models of electrical issues related to power steering and BCM connector. Hence, users face a lack of control over electric power steering, dash lights, and tail light. The malfunctioning of these lights creates discomfort. 

Front Hub Bearings:

Pontiac G6 models are complained to have problems in the front hub bearing. The random consumers of model years 2005 to 10 faced poor quality in this part. Therefore, the turn or move of the front wheel creates a loud-irritating sound.

Turn Signal Switch:

For all the models of Pontiac G6, the turn signal switch is traced to work improperly. Therefore, the light does not engage as needed. This can be solved by replacing the turn signal stalk.

Oil Leak from Front Crankshaft Seal:

Oil leakage from the crankshaft seal can lead to major damage to the engine. This problem is also found in Pontiac G6 cars. The issue is traced to the Pontiac model year of 2007.

Contamination of Extended Life Coolant:

Users of the 2009 Pontiac G6 marked a problem that the extended life coolant gets contaminated. This contamination results in rust in the body of the engine which hampers its durability. Therefore, the engine has the possibility of getting overheated.


In the article “Pontiac G6 years to avoid” I have selected the 2006 and 2008 Pontiac G6 years as these two models have some negative features and issues. The problems in these models are comparatively more acute than in the other model years. 

If you prefer any Pontiac G6 edition and want to make your purchase fruitful, proper knowledge about the functionality and capacity of the engine is important. I have described all the flaws specifically so that you may face no hesitation in taking your decision. 

Therefore, let us know how beneficial this article has been. Our team works to find out and present the best data for you. Make your purchase and selection safer and more perfect through us.


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