Why Are German Cars So Good? – 5 Reasons You Should Know

Whenever you think about high-quality cars, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi always come to your mind. According to CNN-Money, global sales of BMW, Porsche and Audi increased to 6.4%, 13% and 14%, respectively.

The reason is that German cars fulfill the purpose of safely taking you places. Also, performance German cars can give you the qualities you seek in a vehicle. In fact, many professionals, experts and car owners praised German car quality.

So, why are German cars so good? This comprehensive guide focuses on the answer.

Why Are German Cars So Good? – 5 Reasons

Germany is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. On the European streets, German cars named VW, Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz can be seen in every 5 vehicles. Here are a few reasons for the German car popularity.

Long History of Making Cars

The Germans have been in the automotive industry for more than a hundred years. Karl Benz patented the world’s first combustion engine in 1879. Again, his first automobile patent was received in 1886. They love cars and have been manufacturing cars to follow updated technologies for a long time.

Brand Recognition

Most top car brands originated from Germany. German brands are the symbol of quality and luxury.

Supreme Technology

CNN Money stated that Germans follow the best technology and craftsmanship while manufacturing a car. They never compromise on the quality. For example, Germans invented the diesel engine for passenger cars, and most car makers of the world now follow this fuel-efficient mechanism.

Meets People Expectations

“It is really that simple; Germany makes a car for everyone,” says the Economist. You will find the most expensive German cars on the market. At the same time, the most affordable German car models are also available. One staggering stat is that Audi and BMW sales increased to 44.2% and 31.5%, respectively, in China. More importantly, both companies’ sales are increasing in the USA. The reason is that Germans manufacture and market cars for the right customers.

Price is the Key

“Price always matters” – it is true when buying any item. German cars have different price ranges with a variety of exclusive features. Most importantly, they offer affordable price options for their customers.

Why Are German Cars So Good

What is Special about German Cars?

The definition of “special” differs from person to person. Some like super strong engines, while others prefer artistic designs. German cars have created their own set of standards of being “special.”

Strong Engine

All German car manufacturers use a strong and reliable engine. You will love to know that these engines are designed to provide long-term efficient service. More importantly, they trigger fewer problems compared to other car engines.

Also, the manufacturers prioritize quality over quantity. To date, they never compromised on the quality. Impressively, this moto is applicable not only for cars but also for all German engineered items.

Quality over Aesthetic

Many potential car customers choose a specific vehicle for its aesthetic look. Although, it is nothing wrong because beautiful cars can always emphasize the exclusivity and pride of the drivers.

Keeping this point in mind, global car brands designed different vehicles with breath-taking and sleek exteriors. As a result, a buyer falls in love at first glance.  

But in the case of German cars, exterior look is not the priority. Their topknot concern is quality. That is why they ensure that their new-released cars are designed with all quality parts and materials, making car driving safe.

When discussing German-made cars, we talk about the strong engine and shining outlook.

All in all, the best German cars feature the outstanding concept of durability, stunning designs and a trust-worthy driving experience. The cars have standard designs, and while driving them, you will feel that every part comes with high-grade quality.


Undoubtedly, German cars are the most efficient vehicles on the globe. Great efficiency is a normal characteristic of German car brands as they promise to produce valuable and reliable vehicles.

Exclusive Appearance

As per real German car owners, the exterior of German manufactured cars are excellent. Their appearance is amazing, like other standard cars. For example, Volkswagen and Porsche cars have eye-catchy outlooks.

Smooth Driving

German cars are a perfect combo of comfort, reliability and performance. These cars are smooth, making every ride easy and comfortable. Also, drivers will find them fun to drive and ride. These cars outperform Japanese and American vehicles in many factors. Scheduled maintenance will ensure long-lasting performance for German cars.

Best Luxury Options

From BMW to VW, German luxury cars are considered the best luxury choices in the world. Classy design and countless features can make you feel pampered when driving to your destination.

What is the Most Reliable German Car Brand?

Solid build quality and reliable driving mechanism – these words perfectly match with German cars. However, before making a buying decision, every customer wants to know what is the most reliable German car brand. This section answers this crucial question.

1. Porsche

Porsche is one of the renowned sports car makers for its outstanding motorsports activities. They manufacture the most reliable cars not only for the racers but also for the general customers. A huge number of drivers put their trust in Porsche.

As per the Warranty Direct and Consumer Report, the reliability rating of Porsche is above the industry average, pretty high than other German cars. The reliability of Japanese cars is also the same.

The best-known reliable model is the Porsche 911. This car has all the latest features, allowing it to deliver reliable performance. While compared to other car brands, Porsche vehicles show fewer weaknesses.

Modern technologies, upgraded suspension systems and fuel-efficient engines are used in this model. Durable components are also used to deliver a dependable driving experience regardless of the weather.

2. Audi

Audi uses advanced technologies in their cars. Their cars come with distinctive characters and reliability, similar to standard vehicles.

For the last few decades, Audi cars have had excellent build quality. In fact, their cars are faultless, and several models took place in the list of top 20 reliable vehicles. While a few models of BMW and Mercedes-Benz are behind.

Consumer Reports created a list of the top 10 most reliable cars. Audi A4 and A5 have ranked in this list. On the other hand, other Audi car models named A3, A6 or Q5 delivered a reliable performance in a study done by the French Outlet Delivauto.

The Audi A3 3rd Generation is the most reliable model among all Audi cars. It features easy-to-use technology, rigid build quality and outstanding durability. This model creates a new standard of reliability in its class.

3. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has had a reputation for manufacturing reliable cars for several decades. Several models of this brand symbolize quality, reliability and German luxury.

The French Magazine Auto Focus annually organizes a survey to determine the most reliable car brands. Based on that, Mercedes ranked 16-17 yearly, which is an average position.

One of the most reliable car models Mercedes is the C-Class. Owners said this model showed fewer problems and low maintenance costs compared to other Mercedes-Benz models.

4. BMW

BMW has been the ultimate driving machine for many years. This is engineered not just for sports driving but also built for superior comfort.

Several BMW models deliver satisfactory performance, and car enthusiasts prefer BMW cars over other brands for their reliable service. The reliability of BMW is just above average based on Consumer Reports.

BMW gained 3 out of stars for both older (3-8 years) and new (0-3 years) car models. Owners of BMW cars stated that they experienced smooth driving on the roads regardless of the distance.

If you are looking for the most reliable BMW car models, I recommend you buy the 5 series. This car model has fewer flaws in comparison to other BMW car models.

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5. Volkswagen

Volkswagen has been the largest car manufacturer in Europe for the last couple of decades. They have a wide range of models and relatively appealing features that won the hearts of many car enthusiasts worldwide.

This company is the 7th reliable car as per the survey done by the French Automotive Magazine. It is in a higher position than Ford, Volvo and Hyundai.

Volkswagen introduced a model named Tiguan, considered the most reliable car in the automotive industry. This model comes with better ground clearance and excellent practicality. In fact, this model doesn’t have big weaknesses and costly breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Buying a German Car?

The success history of German Cars is pretty long, and their legacy is still running. German automotive manufacturers have dominated the automobile industry for many years. The manufacturers use high-quality materials, making them worth buying. In fact, German cars make life comfortable and easy. German cars get priority when we talk about comfort, luxury, performance, passion and quality.

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