How Long Do Nissan Sentra Last? – Our Honest Analysis Report

Nissan Sentra started its journey in 1982. From the beginning, it still has its existence in the market and is successfully running its business activities. Nissan Sentra has been divided into eight generations from her first life to the present life and has made many modern changes of her own.

As a result, it has improved day by day and gained a lot of reputation from everyone. However, seeing the improvement, you may think how long does Nissan Sentra last? If you want to keep it going for a long time, you have to pay attention to many things and be very careful about them.

How long do Nissan Sentra last?

How long do Nissan Sentra last

Exactly how long a car will last depends on the owner of that car. If the vehicle owner is careful in using his vehicle and maintains the car properly, the car will last for many more days. As a result, the car’s durability continues to increase for a more extended period. However, in general, you need to know How many miles can a Nissan Sentra last?

Although you can increase its durability with proper use, it can usually last from 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles. That means you can use it for at least 16 years without any problems. However, if a driver pays more attention to the car and uses it correctly, the vehicle’s durability will increase accordingly.

GenerationMaximum Miles
1982 – 1984250,000 to 300,000
1985 – 1989250,000 to 300,000
1990 –1994250,000 to 300,000
1995 – 1998250,000 to 300,000
1999 – 2005250,000 to 300,000
2006 – 2011250,000 to 300,000
2012 – 2018250,000 to 300,000
2019 – Current250,000 to 300,000

How much does a Nissan Sentra cost?

The Nissan Sentra does not charge much more than all the other models. You can buy any model of Nissan Sentra at a low cost, but you will not get it quickly from other company’s models. The Nissan Sentra car starts at $ 19,410 and is also available at $ 21,750. Nissan Sentra has set consistent prices in the market to survive the competition.

2021Highest $22355 and lowest $20015
2020Highest $24998 and lowest $18998
2019Highest $17590 and lowest $13000
2018Highest $15660 and lowest $13498
2017Highest $19990 and lowest $11789
2016Highest $16999 and lowest $11900
2015Highest $12995 and lowest $9741
2014Highest $6800 and lowest $11990
2012Highest $8999 and lowest $6995
2004Highest $14200 and lowest $12200
2003Highest $13749 and lowest $11,799
1997Highest $16500 and lowest $12000

How reliable are Nissan Sentra?

nissan sentra interior

If you see, the 2021 Nissan Sentra looks deadly obscure for a compact car that starts at just 20,000. The Nissan 2021 Centra lineup changes only slightly. It is powered by a 149-hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with an uninterruptible variable automatic transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive.

The EPA estimates that Sentra will earn 29 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway, and these figures come down to 28 mpg city and 37 highways in the sporty SR trim. Inside, the Sentra has one of the most beautiful designs in this segment.

Nissan Sentra vs Altima reliability:

The 2021 Nissan Altima has 15.43 cubic feet of cargo space, and the 2021 Nissan Sentra has 14.3 cubic feet. Each new 2021 Nissan comes with a 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

The decision on which car is better depends on the amount of electricity and space, and budget. The Altima provides more cabin and cargo room and more power under the hood, while the Sentra is faster and more affordable than the Altima.

Nissan Sentra vs versa reliability:

Versa gets an immediate edge over Sentra in terms of price. Versa starts at 15,625 with the destination. For consumers who want to make the most out of their budget, Versa is the best option. But the Sentra offers rear legroom, rear hip room, rear shoulder room, and rear headroom than the smaller Versace.

However, Versa offers 0.4 cubic feet more cargo space. Versa still comes with many modern features and can be fitted with even more accessories as an app. For its affordable tags, Versa makes you more for your money.

Nissan Sentra vs Toyota corolla reliability:

The Sentra offers a powertrain option, but the Corolla has three, including a highly efficient hybrid. If you’re shopping between these two sedans and expecting something with a sportier look, stiffer suspension, and the available manual transmission, the Corolla Apex Edition is your best bet.

This pair of compacts no longer match well. The difference between Sentra and Corolla is in fuel economy, infotainment tech, interior space, driver-assist features, and performance.

Nissan Sentra vs Honda Civic reliability:

Rated for 158 ponies and 138 pound-ft of torque development, the 2019 Honda Civic’s base four-cylinder engine will handle the daily grind without any hassle. Despite its weak base engine, this model is a good choice.

The fitted model with an automatic CVT performs smoothly. By comparison, the Honda Civic is listed with an MSRP of 19,550. It’s more than a Sentra.

Nissan Sentra vs Toyota Camry reliability:

Passengers within the back seat will be ready to extend the Toyota Camry far more than the Nissan Sentra because it has different heads and legroom. With a Toyota Camry, you must make less frequent stops at the gas station.

The primary consideration is the manufacturer’s proposed retail price (MSRP). Based on the MSRP, the Nissan Sentra is a better financial choice than the Toyota Camry. They both have the same warranty.

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Why is Nissan Sentras so cheap?

There are several reasons why Nissan Sentras cars are so cheap. The most important thing is that it produces a massive amount of vehicles. As the volume of car production increases, the production cost of each car decreases.

It also sells its cars at a lower price to attract buyers to compete with all other models. However, even if they sell products so cheaply, the quality of their products is good enough.

Best Nissan Sentra Year

The Nissan Sentra survives quite well compared to all other models, but it has some worst and best models. The best models are rated by the users according to their convenience after their use. The years that have been rated to verify user preferences are:

  • 2021: This year’s model is valued at 84 per cent out of 100 and is one of the best rates.
  • 2020: Similar to the 2021 model, this year’s model has also been placed at 84 per cent out of 100 per cent.
  • 2019: This year’s rate is 83/100, which is less than 2020.
  • 2018: 79 per cent out of 100 is this year’s percentage which is in reasonably good condition.

The best year of all is 2021, which is ahead with an excellent rate. Although 2011 Nissan Sentra reliability, Nissan Sentra has been able to get a reasonable rate from the 2017 model.

Nissan Sentra years to avoid

Various data shows some problems in high-quality products that bring any product to the list of people’s dislike. You should avoid it when a product is dropped from the list of everyone’s favorites for its poor performance. One of the few problems with the Nissan Sentra model is the CVT transmission.

However, This model received not many complaints about this problem. 2013 and 2014 are the two years in which the most complaints have been received about the car. This year’s issue is comparatively more than all other years. Car owners in 2013 and 2014 complained about the tremors.

This vibration is felt when the car is stopped. It also causes abnormal vibrations when the vehicle is coasting. Many users described the problem, saying that the transmission overheats when they drive on the highway. When the transmission overheats, it causes shaking and damages the vehicle’s electricity.

Even replacing the 2013 Nissan Sentra CVT transmission costs a lot. Replacement costs for this year’s CVT transmission range from $ 4,500 to $ 5,000, quite expensive. Moreover, consumer reports have given 2014 and 2015 a terrible rating under ‘Transmission Major’. So you should avoid Nissan Sentra’s 2013 and 2014 cars of these two years.

Source: Motor Biscuit

Nissan Sentra model years’ list

Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra started its journey in 1982 and has survived through various changes. The Nissan Sentra graduated in the compact category in 2000, but it was widely known as a subcompact car before that.

The Nissan Sentra doesn’t just stop at just one model, and it continues to maintain its reputation in the current market by improving its model every year. The Nissan Sentra has been known as a mid-size car by EPA since 2006. It is competing with almost different types of models: Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze, etc.

1st Generation:1982 – 1984
2nd Generation:1985 – 1989
3rd Generation1990 –1994
4th Generation1995 – 1998
5th Generation1999 – 2005
6th Generation2006 – 2011
7th Generation2012 – 2018
8th Generation2019 – Current

Common problems with Nissan Sentra

Before buying a car, a buyer should know about its various problems. If the buyer is not aware of the problem, using the vehicle can be annoying for him. There are many Nissan Sentra years in which you may face various issues. However, in any case, a car manufacturer gives its customer an express warranty.

Providing this express warranty is, of course, the responsibility of the manufacturer. Various reports have found that Nissan Sentra has several common problems that put a buyer in an annoying situation. Here are some common issues that different buyers of Nissan Sentra users of 2013-2017 experienced:

  • Different transmission problems: Transmission problems include, e.g. Surging is an annoying problem, there are also problems to accelerate, and there are various problems while shifting the car. Lack of delayed power is also found in the vehicles of this year.
  • Vehicle electrical problems: This includes airbag warning lights and occasional power steering failures that are very dangerous.
  • Various problems with the engine: After running the car for a long time, the engine heats up quickly and causes issues when stopping and moving at high altitudes.

Nissan Sentra Recalls

Nissan Sentra takes any information that has been recalled for a severe problem. However, it has been recalled a total of 45 times for some minor issues. Nissan Sentra works to solve her problems at different times.

It does all the free repair work. It is more effective to recall something than ignore it directly, though it is a lot of trouble. Given a chart of exactly how many times and what percentage of Nissan Sentra has been recalled in 29 years.

Model YearRecallsPercentage

Are Nissan Sentra Expensive to Maintain?

After purchasing a car, there are various maintenance costs to make the car perform better. Depending on a frequency score, a clear idea of ​​how much it will cost to maintain the vehicle. If the value of the vehicle’s frequency score is low, the maintenance cost is likely to be lower.

On the other hand, if the value of the frequency score increases, the amount of maintenance costs also increases. When the car maintenance frequency score is three every three years, you must assume that the car provides excellent service every year. But when the car maintenance frequency score is 0, you can be sure that it will not require significant assistance every year.

However, if you look at the frequency score of Nissan Sentra, it is slightly higher than 0, but less than one, and the score is 0.690000000000000001. In other words, it gives a clear idea that Nissan Sentra does not have a high maintenance cost every year. So, in this case, I can say that the Nissan Sentra is not expensive to maintain.

Nissan Sentra lifespan increasing tips and tricks

The durability of any product lasts for many days only with proper care. When you use a product carefully all the time, you will protect it from various damages. You also must be careful when using a car. You may know how long do Nissan Sentra last. But you can use the Nissan Sentra for a long time if you are more careful in using it. Given some crucial tips on how to use Nissan Sentra:

  • Always maintain the car battery because even if you do not use the car for a long time, the battery loses its power.
  • You have to clean car oil filters and air filters regularly as they get stuck in the dirt.
  • You have to drive smoothly. Do not drive too fast.
  • Use your car’s air conditioner if you don’t want it to break down quickly.
  • Replace the spark plugs and high-tension leads of the car from time to time to get better performance of the engine.
  • Always check the tires of the car as it is essential for the safety of the vehicle.
  • Try to avoid broken roads while driving as it is harmful to your car.
  • Do not drive at high speeds, as you often have to brake hard to stop your car, which is very harmful.
  • Also, keep the car clean at all times and keep it safe from dust.


How long is a Nissan Sentra?

Nissan Sentra lasts for almost many years if you can take proper care of it. For better maintenance of a product, the durability of that product increases. If you maintain the car properly after you buy it, you can use the car for many years. So depending on its care, the Nissan Sentra can last from 250,000 to 300,000 miles.

If you drive this model’s car 15,000 miles a year, it won’t be a problem. You don’t have to make considerable repairs to use this much time in a year. You can use it for 16 to 20 years without any problems. You do not have to pay for any repairs during this period as it will last for 20 years without any issues.

Is Nissan Sentra a midsize car?

Yes, Nissan Sentra is a mid-size car, and it has been rated since the 2007 model year. EPA rated Nissan Sentra as this mid-size car. But currently, Nissan Sentra does not work as a mid-size car in North America, but it works as a compact car. It has changed year after year through its work and energy.

How long does the Nissan Sentra battery last?

In the current generation, each battery of Nissan Sentra lasts at least 3 to 5 years. However, you should always be careful that the battery does not remain unused for a long time. If you do not use the batteries, the chances of the batteries being damaged are significantly increased. This problem will cause you to fail to use the battery for a long time. There are also a number of other factors involved in making the battery last, such as the type of battery, the kind of use, the weather, and the necessary care for the batteries.

How Long Do the Brakes Last?

It is almost impossible to tell about specific brakes in general. However, the Nissan Sentra survives approximately 25,000 to 65,000 miles. If you take proper care of the car and use it properly, it will last long.

How Long Do the Tires Last?

The tire durability of the Nissan Sentra depends on its use. Tires last longer, depending on how carefully you use your car’s tires. It will last longer if you have done different cars with careful braking. However, the Nissan Sentra typically lasts 20,000 to 60,000 miles.

How long does Nissan Sentra transmission last?

The transmission of the Nissan Sentra has some differences, but it usually lasts from 200,000 to 300,000 miles if you do its proper maintenance.

How Long Do the Spark Plugs Last?

Nissan Sentra’s spark plugs last from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, it is not expensive to replace it. When you send your car for service, they will check it out and replace it with a new one.

What About Insurance Costs?

The Nissan Sentra costs 20 220 a month as insurance costs and costs about 26 2640 a year. However, these issues have been speculated and done by However, the age of the car and the cost of insurance are also involved in the use of the vehicle.

Is the Nissan Sentra a good car?

Nissan Sentra has been running its car business for almost many years. From the beginning to the present time, it has faithfully survived by competing with other models. It has gained a lot of reputation so far with 2010 Nissan Sentra reliability.

Undoubtedly it is known to everyone as a good car, but another problem is that its transmission (CVT) is not so long-lasting, and there are different disagreements. However, it is much cheaper than other models and is preferred by everyone.


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