Why is the TOYOTA Land Cruiser So Expensive – 7 Valid Reason

In 1984, Toyota introduced the Heavy-duty 70 Series. The most reliable and durable car the world has ever seen. Then they never look back. Today, Land Cruiser’s price starts from $85,665, unimaginable.

They are dominating the off-road market; haul your family in coziness, and accommodate great flexibility. So many benefits. But, have you ever asked why is the Toyota land cruiser so expensive? What is their secret sauce?

Fret not. In this article, we’ll be covering every aspect regarding what makes Toyota land cruiser so expensive and few other factors relating to it.

Without any delay, let’s jump right in.

Why is the TOYOTA Land Cruiser So Expensive – 7 Valid Reason

Why is the TOYOTA Land Cruiser So Expensive

To begin with, you should know why are Toyota land cruiser so expensive. Why are people on earth crazy about this giant?

Well, there are seven reasons to highlight in order to reveal the secret sauce. Here we go,

1. Reputation

The Land Cruiser is the King of the off-road. They have controlled the market for decades. Presently, their reputation spreads not only in the United States but also worldwide. It has an overheated engine, and with the 4w, it can travel anywhere. They built a solid reputation from 1984.

2. Rigid body

A Land Cruiser compares with a Tank. The robust body made it solid like a rock. It is known as the monster of the road.

Usually, it contains four doors and four wheels in a box shape body which is known as SUV (Sport utility vehicle). It can travel on any rough ground.

3. Classic look

Although we mention it as a monster, giant, and whatnot, nevertheless, the outlook Land cruiser has is incredible. Shiny glossy finishing, refined thin body, durability makes it stunning. Luxurious intense interior design, high function capabilities, as a whole a perfect 4×4.

toyota land cruiser interior

4. Supply vs. demand

Another major reason is supply and demand. There is a healthy amount of buyers who want to have an SUV like a Land Cruiser. Thus the demand is comparatively higher.

However, Toyota is the only company making such a robust monster. As a result, the Toyota Land Cruiser cost close to a million dollars.

5. Travel freedom

Most people buy a Land Cruiser for its off-roading capabilities. It runs through the desert, mountain, narrow-rough road, even in the slippery rockets.

6. Good selling price

Believe it or not, the old Land Cruiser cost more than the new one. No kidding. People hold their old SUV until they decide to buy a new one. And when they sell their old one, it exceeds the cost of the new one.

7. Long-lasting

Another key factor of the Toyota Land Cruiser too expensive is its durability. Certainly, it builds like a rock. The durable body makes it strong and lasts for decades. Again, many people still own the 2009 version of Land Cruiser. They only need a little maintenance.

Why are used Toyota Land Cruisers so expensive?

Why are used Toyota Land Cruisers so expensive

The key factors you should look at are tank-like body, durability, and low maintenance cost. Well, you get these features. Now let’s come to the pricing factor; why are old Toyota land cruisers so expensive.

Suppose you are having a 2019 version of the Land Cruiser 4runner. It fulfills your primary need. You want to switch to a new one. But, The Land Cruiser 2021 model costs about $84,000. In contrast, the big brother 2008 version is only $64,000. You can save over $20,000 from scratch.

This has the same space, 5.7-liter engine, above all the old 2008 feeling. Talking about other alternatives, at this price, you can get Range Rover Sports or Mercedes-Benz GLS-class. Along with more plastic and rubber finishing interior. You surely don’t want these materials in your luxurious yacht.

In conclusion, considering a little maintenance, it is a great deal to buy an old one. Indeed, the old price is realistic and well-valued.

Why are Land Cruiser utes so expensive?

Look at the 70 FJ-40 or the FJ-80 or FJ-100 of Land Cruiser. They are the luxurious and elite cars of the 80s and 90s.

Toyota keeps its reputation and recognition untarnished after 20 or 30 years the same. Now, it costs around $90K, unreal, right?

But the solid metal and high functional flexibility, king of the off-road and low repair cost, and other advantages you are getting are worth the money. Trust me.

 That’s why all the Land Cruiser utes come expensive with quality.

Why is Land Cruiser so expensive in India?

India is one of the largest business hubs in the world. However, they are protective of their customers and products also. India is more prone to manufacture cars within the country, i.e., Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai India, Tata Motors, Mahindra, and many more. 

They don’t want international brands to spoil their market. Hence, they put a huge import tariff on cars costing over 20 lakhs. This is almost six times higher than the regular price.

Similarly, Land Cruiser is not assembled in India, rather imported. Hence, the car’s price rose from 35 Lakhs to 1.5 crores. Only rich people can have a dream to buy one.

Why is Land Cruiser so expensive in Pakistan?

Land Cruiser considers being of elite people. Generally, in Pakistan, only politicians or the filthy rich people own such cars. They pay huge amounts of tax returns, and still manage to own this giant.

Thus, it is suspected that these people are involved with some kind of corruption. Either they are using black money or doing illegal work.

However, many professionals managed to buy Prados according to their lifestyle. But talking about the mammoth Land Cruiser, there is something wrong for sure. That’s why in Pakistan, land cruisers are so expensive. 

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Are Land Cruiser Parts Expensive?

To be fair, you need to make the king look like a King. Usually, the parts for the Land Cruiser have been more expensive than the whole body. Why so? Because parts are unique, robust, and well functional.

Land Cruisers are already a brand. Therefore, all the parts it contains are portraying a brand value. Moreover, to make it presentable, you need to be ready all the time.

Furthermore, cheap parts won’t endure the toughness, roughness of mountains, rocks, or deserts. So, for off-roading purposes, Land Cruiser parts come expensive.

Are Toyota Land Cruisers Expensive To Maintain?

Actually, no. Land Cruiser built to last longer than any other vehicle. Thus people call it a Tank. You hardly need some maintenance over the years.

Look at the table, Land Rover Range Rover costs around $76,000, but the maintenance cost is the highest. Range Rover placed second. In contrast, Land Cruisers may come expensive, but maintenance and repair costs are far less than the other ones. Lexus LX is quite the same.

Now, can you imagine Why are Land Cruiser so expensive? The better the quality, the more it costs. But you need a little maintenance.

SUVsPer yearMaintenance & Repair
Land Cruiser$1000$845
Mercedes Benz Gls$9,092$6,710
Land Rover Range Rover$5,000$4,500

Source: European Business Review

How much does a land cruiser cost – Compare with Similar SUVs


So, we are talking about why does Toyota Land Cruiser so expensive compared to other SUVs.

To be honest, In comparison to other SUVs, the Land Cruisers are not as costly. In fact, you are getting it at a handsome price.

Below, you can see the comparison of SUVs. Where it is clear that the Land Rover Range Rover is the costlier one than other SUVs, and Land Cruiser comes in the middle.

SUVsPriceFuel typeMax powerTransmissionSafety
Mercedes-Benz G-Class$76,000Petrol510 bhp @ 6100 rpm5 Gears (Automatic)No Air Bags
Land Cruiser $85,665 Diesel 170 bhp @ 3400 rpm 5 Gears, Manual Override, Sport Mode (Automatic) 7 Airbags
Lexus LX$86,830Petrol365 bhp @ 5600 rpm8 Gears, Manual Override & Paddle Shift, Sport Mode (Automatic)10 Airbags
Land Rover Range Rover$92,000Petrol557 bhp@ 6500 rpm8-speed Hydraulic converter, Zf 8HP (Automatic)10 Airbags

Then comes the fuel type. Land Cruiser comes in handy with Diesel efficiency, whereas other SUVs use Petrol.

It might seem the Lexus LX is a good deal which is also manufactured by Toyota.

Now, it is crystal clear Land Cruisers are indeed expensive. However, when compared to other SUVs, it falls short.

Why is Land Cruiser more expensive than Sequoia?

There is no doubt Sequoia is a wonderful vehicle. However, when you compare it with a Land Cruiser, it comes short. Why? Let’s look at the comparison.

Land Cruiser is more into luxury utility. Besides incredible off-roading capabilities. On the other hand, Sequoia is a full-size utility; it focuses more on family travel freedom.

FeaturesLand CruiserSequoia
Engine Type5.7L V8 Gas5.7L V8 Gas
ClassLuxury UtilityPremium Full-size utility
Transmission8 speed automatic6 speed automatic
Drivetrain4 wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Airbags6 bags7 bags

Source: Auto Trader

Is Land Cruisers overpriced?

Above, we have made a comparison between SUVs and then with Sequoia. Considering all the facts, it is clear that Land Cruisers are not overpriced vehicles. The luxury and off-roading flexibility you are getting is worth the money.

However, if you compare it with the same class of SUVs, you can get plenty of options around you. Like, Infiniti QX80, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and more.

Is buying a land cruiser worth it?

To conclude, we discussed why is the Toyota Land Cruiser so expensive. Now it’s time to make a decision. Is this a feasible deal to have a Land Cruiser at your garage?

Firstly, yes. This is a great deal to have this giant if you are a travel freak, love to go off-road, and drive ruthlessly.

Secondly, no. If you plan to drive it daily, on the road, and be a decent driver, then try looking for other vehicles.

Now it’s up to you. Let us know which option or purpose you are having in the comment section.

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